Cyrus Mehri Fellowship Winner Brings Insights into Islam to Hartwick College

Chaw Akari San '24 continues to make the most of this global pluralism fellowship generously funded by Hartwick College Alumni and Trustee Cyrus Mehri '83 H’21.

Each year, the winner of this prestigious fellowship is tasked with organizing activities that cultivate a diversity of perspectives on Oyaron Hill. San’s first event was titled “Insights Into Islam – Discover, Ask, Connect.”

Chaw Akari San

"I am a Muslim from the non-muslim country of Myanmar. When I arrived in Oneonta and at Hartwick College, I noticed fewer Muslims here compared to Myanmar. My purpose for this event was to have the campus community learn more about what it is like being a Muslim."

Chaw Akari San '24

Biochemistry Major

San applied for this fellowship after talking to past winner Ankita Bal ’22 and attending one of the events that she had organized as part of her award. San has also been assisted by a faculty mentor, Chemistry Lab Professor and Manager, Sheeba Siddiqi.

Sheeba Siddiqi

"San planted the seed and we are still reaping what she sowed. I am thrilled to work with her and very thankful from the bottom of my heart to every single person who is helping us put these events together."

Sheeba Siddiqi

Chemistry Lab Professor and Manager

Chaw Akari San with Sheeba Siddiqi and guest speaker John Emery, Executive Director, Islamic Resource Group
Hartwick students, faculty and staff attend the event Essence of Ramadan.
Hartwick students, faculty and staff attend the event Essence of Ramadan, students at buffet line.
Hartwick students, faculty and staff attend the event Essence of Ramadan, students at tables eating and playing games.

Over 100 people combined attended “Insights into Islam” on February 21 and the second event, experiencing the essence of Ramadan by joining San and Professor Siddiqi for a day of fasting on March 13. Due to the great turnout, another event is scheduled for April 4, a grand iftar, where the fasting students will be fed. This will be on the eve of Ramadan Day 27th, a very holy day, when rewards for good deeds will be multiplied 1000 times.

March 20, 2024

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