Faces of the Class of 2024

Hartwick College consistently graduates remarkable students and this year's class is no exception.

Meet some of the amazing students that make the Class of 2024 truly special.

Keep checking this page as we will continue to add to this list through the spring semester.

Victoria (Torrie) Balfe '24

Victoria (Torrie) Balfe

Hometown: Valparaiso, IN/St. Joseph, MI
Majors: Political science; economics

Achievements: Dean’s List recipient; Faculty Scholar of Political Science; Presidential Leadership Award Recipient; Hartwick Honors Society

Clubs/Interests: Cellist in the Hartwick Chamber Orchestra; vice-president of the Student Government Association; vice-president of Hartwick Law; co-president of Pi Sigma Alpha Honors Society; Economics Honors Society member.

Sporting Interest: Was involved with the Hartwick swimming and diving team for 2 and a half years. After stepping away, I remained the team manager in my work as the Aquatics Department office manager.

Favorite thing about Hartwick: My favorite thing about Hartwick or my favorite memory is just Hartwick itself. Hartwick is such a unique place. I have been able to meet people who have changed my life and made me into the person I am today. The professors, administrators, students and staff are what make Hartwick, Hartwick and it’s one of the reasons I chose to come here. The view is pretty amazing and comes with what I said before—without it, Hartwick wouldn’t be Hartwick. I remember the first time I ever came to Hartwick and when I started my tour/admission process, it felt so personal and tailored to me. I felt wanted at this place and I immediately knew it was the right place for me.

Advice for the incoming class: Go out for whatever you want to! Don’t tell yourself you cannot do something or you don’t have time until you try it. One of the best things about Hartwick is the ability to be involved in whatever you want to and still have time to prioritize your academics and have a social life. Also, take whatever classes you want. Remember not to just follow the path towards your major—if there is a class that interests you, take it! You never know how much you’ll love something until you try it.

Where I am headed: Looking for work in the legal field for my two years off before attending law school.

Jade Killikelly

Jade Killikelly

Hometown: Jamaica, Queens, N.Y.
Major: Public health

Achievements: Abraham L. Kellogg Oratory Competition semi-finalist (March 2024); Significant Contribution to the Quality of Life (May 2023); Empire 8 Women’s Tennis Sportswoman of the Year (2022-2023); recipient of Dr. James J. Elting Memorial Scholarship (2022); Empire 8 Conference First Team Singles and Doubles (2021-23); Dean’s List; Philip S. Wilder Jr Award for Academic Distinction (2020-21); Hartwick College Student Government Emerging Leader (2020-21); four-time Hartwick Hawk of the Week (2020-21); Empire 8 Conference Second Team Singles in Tennis (2020-21); Empire 8 Conference Third Team Doubles in Tennis (2020-21); Two Time Empire 8 Women’s Tennis Player of the Week (2020-21).

Clubs/interests: President of Black Student Union; peer health educator; senior resident advisor; captain of the women’s tennis team; resident advisor; Student Government Association.

Sporting interest: Women’s tennis team.

Favorite Hartwick memory: I have three.
1. Winning Hartwick’s first-ever tennis championship with my teammates.
2. My study abroad trip to Senegal. I gained friendships with so many, learned a new language and had some of the best food of my life!
3. My study abroad trip to Portugal. I tried so many new things, had new experiences and got to check off another country on my bucket list.

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: The DEIB Center. Biama, Samantha and Alicia have been my go-to people since day one. I appreciate each of them so much and am so grateful for their support throughout my time here. They will be missed.

Advice for the incoming class: Hartwick has so much to offer. Take advantage of every single opportunity, try new things, step outside of your comfort zone and most of all, make the most of your time here. You do not want to walk away wishing you tried something or joined that club. Do it all and do it well.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school, or other opportunity? I will be pursuing my master’s degree in public health.

Shamae Bennett

Shamae B. Bennett

Hometown: Syracuse, N.Y.
Major: Double: Criminal justice and sociology.

Achievements: The Mary M. and Frank E. Drugovich First Generation Award; former vice president of promotions on HCAB Eboard; vice president on SAI Eboard; senior representative for the Kellogg Oratory Prize Selection Committee.

Clubs/interests: HCAB; Sigma Alpha Iota; Peer Pilot; DEIB; Commencement Committee.

Favorite Hartwick memory: One of my favorite memories was having the opportunity to speak at last year’s Scholarship Luncheon. I met and connected with alumni and members of the board of trustees. Getting to speak was such a proud moment for me.

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: My favorite thing about Hartwick is the connections I’ve been able to make with the faculty and staff. My favorite place at Hartwick is John Christopher’s Cafe. My favorite people at Hartwick are Dr. Branch and Dr. McKenney.

Advice for the incoming class: Reach out to your professors – they genuinely care. Take risks even if you’re scared – being comfortable won’t help you grow. Enjoy every moment because 4 years is shorter than you may think.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity?: I am taking a short break to gain experience and work in higher education. I plan to enter a master’s program in higher education and student affairs, and later apply for sociology Ph.D. programs.

Alyssa Schaeffer

Alyssa Schaeffer

Hometown: Rochester, N.Y.
Major: Geology major and museum studies minor

Achievements: Faculty Scholar; Freedman Prize in Applied Geoscience; and Dean’s List

Clubs/interests: President of Geology Club; vice president of Asian Culture Club; member of Habitat for Humanity.

Favorite Hartwick memory: Movie nights with friends! It started as something we did once a week and then turned into an almost nightly event!

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: Pine Lake. It’s beautiful there and I loved the times I spent hiking the trails with friends.

Advice for the incoming class: Give every opportunity that comes your way a chance! Hartwick has a lot to offer and college is all about trying new things.

Riley Gancio

Riley Gancio

Hometown: Walton, N.Y.
Major: Psychology, minor in sociology.

Achievements: Dean’s List; Andrew B. Saxton Undergraduates Fellows Award; Honor’s program.

Clubs/interests: Sociology Club, Psi Chi and member of Theta Phi Alpha.

Favorite Hartwick memory: My favorite Hartwick memory was going to San Francisco for the Baker-Simpson trip. It was a great experience and I learned a lot.

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: Hartwick’s Library. Great place to get work done and stay focused and the cafe is right there.

Advice for the incoming class: Studying in your dorm can be difficult. Sometimes it’s better to move to a different location if you find that you can’t focus or keep getting distracted.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity?
Hoping to go on to graduate school in the near future.

Ryan Russo

Ryan Russo

Hometown: Cortlandt Manor, N.Y.
Major: History and political science, minor in peace and conflict studies.

Achievements: Dean’s List for the last 6 semesters; received the Alban W Hoops ’83 Memorial Scholarship in 2023.

Clubs/interests: History Club – E-board and founding member; Political Science Honors Society (Pi Sigma Alpha).

Favorite Hartwick memory: Hanging out with my friends I’ve known since freshman year.

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: Golisano and the history and political science professors.

Advice for the incoming class: Get to know your professors! Hartwick is small and you will have many classes with them.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity? Most likely heading to grad school for history.

Courtney Lassard

Courtney Lessard

Hometown: Coventry, Conn.
Major: Nursing

Achievements: Dean’s list; Senior thesis: “Does screen use influence the cognitive development of children 0-5;”and passing all nursing classes the first time.

Clubs/interests: The beach, being outside, hiking Table Rock Mountain.

Sporting interest: Golf.

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: Table Rock Mountain and any dog on campus.

Advice for the incoming class: Do an internship the summer before your senior year!! Find a balance between school and social life. Don’t be afraid to meet new people and put yourself out there, that’s where the best memories come from. Things may get really tough but remember you have the ability to take control of your life. As for nursing majors, do not take exams lightly. The fifth year is expensive.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity?: I have accepted a job at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center as a pediatric nurse starting in August. The internship I did junior year got me this job!

Aakriti Khatri

Aakriti Khatri

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
Major: Nursing

Achievements: Dean’s list, Honor’s program, Three-Year graduate

Interests: My love for travel and the art of photography.

Favorite Hartwick memory: My favorite Hartwick memory is the day I met all my nursing three-year friends. They have helped me navigate all the challenges and played an immense role in shaping my journey and personal growth. I am forever grateful to Shelby, Megan, Rachel, Naomi, Gina and Brooke for always being there for me.

Favorite person at Hartwick: Professor Lisa Depperman, and Dr. Melody Best are my favorite people at Hartwick. They have always believed in me and my dreams!

Advice for the incoming class: Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity? Following my graduation, I intend to move back to Connecticut to work as an RN. Furthermore, I aspire to continue my education by pursuing a master’s degree in the near future.

Melanie Mohn

Melanie Mohn

Hometown: Endwell, N.Y.
Major: Art and psychology

Achievements: Abraham L. Kellogg Oratory Competition semi-finalist (March 2024), Best Poster in Session: Division 12, issued by the American Psychological Association (August 2023), Faculty Scholar in Art, Art History, and Psychology (May 2023), Jessie E. Jenks Endowed Scholarship (May 2023), Vice President’s Purchase Prize, issued by the Department of Art and Art History (April 2023), Andrew B. Saxton Undergraduate Fellowship in Art (May 2022), Empire 8 President’s List (Fall 2020-Spring 2022), Phillip S. Wilder Jr. Award for Academic Distinction (Fall 2020-Spring 2022).

Clubs/Interests: Psychology Club president, Psi Chi president, Art Club president, Kappa Pi vice-president.

Favorite Hartwick memory: Some of my favorite memories at Hartwick have been attending the Eastern Psychological Association Conference to present research I have done as part of our Psychology Department. I have gained invaluable personal and professional skills, in addition to making and becoming closer with individuals who have become lifelong friends. There has never been a dull moment and this conference was something I looked forward to without fail each year!

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: My favorite thing about Hartwick, besides the beautiful views (especially in the fall), are the people here. The individuals who work at Hartwick, regardless of who it is, work here because they want to interact and build relationships with students. I have met so many incredible individuals – peers, faculty and staff – without whom I would not have been half as successful in my undergraduate career.

Advice for the incoming class: Take advantage of opportunities and utilize your resources! Hartwick has a wide range of opportunities for every student and it will benefit you immensely to get involved with your community. Not only will you be able to build a solid resumé for your future, you will develop more as an individual and make significant connections with others. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, make sure to prioritize yourself, your health, your needs and your happiness as these are very important and they can be easy to forget.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school, or other opportunity: Following graduation, I will be taking a gap year in order to take a break and save up money to attend graduate school. In graduate school, I currently plan to obtain a master’s degree in art therapy.

Mike Demarais

Mike Demarais

Hometown: Moriah, N.Y.
Major: Biochemistry

Achievements: Abraham L. Kellogg Oratory Prize Finalist (March 2024); American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Student Chapters’ Travel Awardee (2024); Research in Science and Health Fund Award (2023); John Christopher Hartwick Scholarship (2023); The Dr. Elizabeth Lamphere ’38, H’97 Scholarship (2023); The Otto Steinbach Memorial Scholarship (2022); The Dr. James J. Elting H’13 Memorial Scholarship (2022); Undergraduate Award for Achievement in Organic Chemistry (2021); and the Chemical Rubber Company Press Chemistry Achievement Award (2021)

Clubs/interests: Chemistry Club president and creator of the Hartwick – Otsego County EMS Emergency Medical Technician partnership

Sporting interest: Football (player 2020-21 and student assistant coach 2022-24)

Favorite Hartwick Memory: I have three.
1. The creation of the EMT course was a long journey that took me two years to complete. Those meetings and the class itself are something I’ll never forget.
2. I recently went to the 2024 ASBMB (American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) conference San Antonio, Texas, to present my senior thesis research on the mechanism of lysis used by the lysis protein, L, of bacteriophage MS2.
3. When we were finally allowed to take masks off was one of the best days not only for myself but arguably the entire class of 2024.

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: Hartwick itself will always be a special place for me. This College has given me so much, but Johnstone Science Center is where I have spent most of my time and the classrooms and labs will forever be my favorite spots on campus.

Advice for the incoming class: This campus and its professors and administrators are here to support and help you. Whether you need help in classes or have something you want to bring to campus, the faculty and staff here will help you push those dreams into reality.

Where am I heading? Following graduation, I will be applying to medical school and taking a gap year.

Kelli-Jo VanValkenburgh

Kelli-Jo VanValkenburgh

Hometown: Prattsville, N.Y.
Major: Nursing

Achievements: Member of the Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society; recipient of the Edith M. Lacey Scholarship; member of Honor Society, and Dean’s List.

Clubs/Interests: Member of Hartwick College Association of Student Nurses.

Sporting Interest: I was a member of the rugby team and played for two years.

Favorite Hartwick Memory: Joining the rugby team and hosting a home tournament in my senior year.

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: All my friends that I have made here. I would not have made it through these four years without them.

Advice for the incoming class: Enjoy every minute of it! The four years go by in the blink of an eye. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Use your professors. They are there for you and want to see you succeed.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity?: After graduation, I will be working as a labor and delivery nurse in the Birthing Center at Bassett Medical Center.

Jacob Keyes

Jacob Keyes

Hometown: Halfmoon, N.Y.
Major: Double major in history and environment, sustainability and society with a minor in peace and conflict studies.

Achievements: Recipient of Faculty Scholar Award in History and ENSS, Honors Program president and treasurer, Dean’s list every semester.

Clubs/interests: Honors Program, Outdoor Recreation Leadership.

Sporting interest: Lifting, hiking, running.

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: Table Rock, our trail network and the view out over the valley.

Advice for the incoming class: Work hard and have fun! Find a balance that works uniquely for you.

What’s next: I’m applying for positions within the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

Naomi Cook

Naomi Cook

Hometown: Oneonta, N.Y.
Major: 3-year nursing major

Achievements: Gladys Brooks Nursing Scholarship recipient in 2022 and 2023, inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, completion of the 3-year program, Nursing Excellence Award, acceptance for poster presentation of group senior thesis to Penn State’s Translating Research to Innovation Symposium.

Clubs/interests: Sigma Theta Tau

Favorite Hartwick memory: My favorite memory of my college experience at Hartwick was our last class with Dr. Best, a bittersweet class with a whole line of hugs.

Favorite place at Hartwick: The Table Rock trails, where my fiancé proposed.

Advice for the incoming class: Make sure to take time for yourself, even if it’s just one day a week. College moves fast and the work seems to pile up, but step back, take a break, and enjoy it. Also, make good relationships with your professors as both professionals and mentors, Hartwick has some great ones!

Where are you headed? Heading to a job at the University of Virginia Hospital as a mother baby RN.

Lauren Plunkett

Lauren Plunkett

Hometown: Voorheesville, N.Y.
Major: Nursing

Achievements: My senior thesis, “The Relationship Between Exposure to Screen-Based Media and the Effect on Cognitive Development of Children Aged Zero to Five,” was accepted for presentation at the Penn State 7th Annual Translating Research to Innovations in Practice Symposium; dean’s list recipient, Nursing Excellence Award, Hartwick College Founders’ Award, and the Abraham Kellogg Scholarship.

Interests: Traveling and spending time hiking around Hartwick’s campus.

Favorite Hartwick Memory: All of my memories with my friends and passing ICU the first time!

Favorite Place: Table Rock Overlook

Advice for the Incoming Class: Advocate for yourself! And practice your stair climbing.

Where am I headed: I am going to take my NCLEX and then work as a registered oncology nurse at St. Peter’s Hospital.

Jasmin Ahmed | জেসমিন আহমেদ

Jasmin Ahmed | জেসমিন আহমেদ

Hometown: Hudson, N.Y.
Major: Political science & legal studies

Achievements: Mentor, activist, Recognition Award from Congressman Marcus Molinaro & Assemblymember Didi Barrett for Community Leadership

Clubs/interests: Photography, appointed Student Government Vice President of Fun, president of Model United Nations & Model European Union, founder of Hartwick Muslim Student Association

Sporting interest: Love watching the Hartwick College soccer team play!

Favorite Hartwick memory: Making friends, going on trips and experiencing real-life moments together have all strengthened our bonds.

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: The relationships I’ve built with my professors and friends here have meant the world to me. The love and care I’ve received have been incredibly impactful. These connections are vital for us as young individuals, shaping us into who we are. I cherish these bonds dearly. I love my political science folks; not a time spent with them has been dull. The stair ledge in front of Bresee; and spent many hours talking to friends and mentors and sharing so many memories.

Advice for the incoming class: It’s going to be okay. No matter what challenges come your way, remember, it’s going to be alright. Setbacks may come, but they won’t define you. Feeling out of place is just a temporary state; it means you’re on a journey to finding where you truly belong. And when it feels like everything is falling apart, just take it one day at a time. Because, believe me, at the end of the day, everything will be alright.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school, or other opportunity?:
I plan to return to my hometown of Hudson and engage in community work through multiple non-profit organizations. While doing so, I also aim to travel on the side. Eventually, I hope to pursue graduate studies, possibly in public administration (MPA) or international affairs (MIA). Excited to see where the future takes me!

Abigail McCleary

Abigail McCleary

Hometown: Monroe, N.Y.
Major: Psychology and business administration

Achievements: Captain of the Women’s Soccer Team; Baker-Simpson Entrepreneurial Fellowship recipient; Faculty Scholar recipient, Philip S. Wilder Jr. Award for Academic Distinction recipient; Erinn K. Brozman Award recipient; Academic All-District Team; President’s & Dean’s List, and graduating in three years!

Clubs/Interests: President of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), Class of 2024 Honors Program Representative, secretary of the Psi Chi Honors Society, and member of the Psychology Club!

Sporting Interest: I’ve always loved soccer and played on a travel team throughout high school and now here at the collegiate level. I also enjoy running and strength conditioning; I’ve run two half marathons and look forward to training for a full marathon!

Favorite Hartwick Memory / Favorite Thing/Person/Place at Hartwick: My teammates and playing soccer here have made my experience worthwhile. I’ve met lifelong best friends!

Advice for the incoming class: Step out of your comfort zone, work hard and ask for help when you need it. There are so many people here that want to help you succeed; reach out!!

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity?: I was just recently accepted into the clinical psychology PsyD program at Touro University in NYC. I’m enthusiastic about continuing my education at graduate school and getting my doctorate degree.

Brianna Kempf

Brianna Kempf

Hometown: Oxford, NY
Major: Nursing

Achievements: Dean’s List, Honor’s Program, recipient of the Gladys Brooks Endowed Scholarship for Nursing Students, presenter at Penn State’s 7th Annual Translating Research to Innovations in Practice Symposium

Clubs/Interests: Big Sibling, Little Sibling Nursing Program, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

Favorite Hartwick Memory: Creating a personal training program and working with my client for my PE 330 class with Professor Heidi Tanner.

Favorite Thing/Person/Place at Hartwick: My favorite place on campus is the Table Rock Trails. My favorite person at Hartwick is Professor Melody Best, who has always motivated and inspired me to provide compassionate and effective care for my patients.

Advice for the incoming class: Be unapologetically yourself!

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school, or other opportunity?: I will be a medical-surgical nurse at a reputable hospital after graduation. Once I have established myself as a new nurse, I plan on attending graduate school to complete a master’s degree in nursing.

Madi McGuire

Madi McGuire

Hometown: Goshen, N.Y.
Major: Nursing

Achievements: Member of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, all 4 years appearing on the Dean’s list, women’s soccer team captain in my senior year.

Sporting interest: Four-year member of the women’s soccer team.

Favorite Hartwick memory: When we beat Russell Sage 4 – 2 under the lights on Elmore Field during my sophomore year.

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: My favorite thing about Hartwick is the beautiful view during the fall and spring months. Another thing is the people that Hartwick has brought me, I have created lifelong relationships for which I am forever grateful.

Advice for the incoming class: College is a unique time in life, filled with highs and lows. Embrace every moment, these experiences shape who you are and it truly flies by. Create connections with your professors, classmates and peers. Your professors are a valuable resource and at least for the nursing professors, they will be more than happy to help you. Form study groups and prioritize time management! College can be demanding but don’t forget to prioritize your physical and mental well-being too! YOU GOT THIS!

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity?: This spring I will be doing my senior nursing capstone in the Bassett Medical Center’s ICU for 6 weeks and have begun applying for RN jobs closer to home!

Shanel M. Dixon

Shanel M. Dixon

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Major: Political science, double minor in legal studies and business

Achievements: Taking no more than three years to graduate, building a strong network, Senior Thesis – The homophobia crisis growing within the the black church

Clubs/interests: DEIB, Stomp N’ Shake, ASA, Career Development

Sporting interest: Track and field

Favorite Hartwick memory: Going into John Christophers Café, and working with Miss Kim and Miss Tiffany, who made the school home for me, and who provided the utmost assurance and love to a child they didn’t even know!

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: Professors Elder and Chick

Advice for the incoming class: College is made for you to have fun, but don’t let the enjoyment of being free hinder the reasoning you came to college. Those bad grades in freshman year don’t get removed. They remain on your transcript. Don’t take freshman classes for a joke just because you’re in the mood for a giggle. Also, take classes that have nothing to do with your major.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity? I’m heading into the military as an officer. I want to continue my education by going to grad school and getting a law degree.

Victoria Odeh Zilins

Victoria Odeh Zilins

Hometown: Stamford, CT, Originally from Nigeria, West Africa
Major: Nursing

Clubs/interests: Hartwick Campus Activities Board (HCAB) E-Board and Clay Club.

Sporting Interest: I love weightlifting.

Favorite Hartwick memory: I have enjoyed spending time with friends throughout the years. I will also cherish the 2+ years of memories working at Table Rock with my amazing colleagues, who have become my “Table Rock family.” Aside from social activities, I liked writing my senior thesis on the topic of non-pharmacological interventions for amputees with phantom limb pain, which was presented at the 7th Annual Nursing Research Symposium at Penn State.

Favorite place at Hartwick: Among the various places on campus, Table Rock Trail and Pine Lake were my favorite locations to enjoy the scenic views while hiking. Additionally, they made a great spot for gorgeous sunset pictures.

Advice for the incoming class: Never stop trying because while it might not be easy in the beginning, in the end, it will be worth it. Do not be afraid to ask for help, because there are a lot of great professors that will help you. Also, don’t forget to take some time for yourself and create some amazing memories during these next few years.

Future plans: I will take the NCLEX after graduating and pursue a nursing career. I plan to go back to school to become a nurse practitioner.

Jahmani Cox

Jahmani Cox

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Major: Nursing

Achievements: Dean’s List recipient, Hartwick Nursing Student Representative Board, 2021-22

Favorite Hartwick memory: All the diverse meals such as tacos and Italian cuisine provided in Johnstone.

Favorite person: Friends and the loving, caring nursing professors that we have.
Favorite place at Hartwick: DEIB Center they have such a cozy environment. Great place to study, eat snacks or even nap in the Zen room.

Advice for the incoming class: Don’t underestimate yourself. There are going to be trials and tribulations on this path ahead but you can do it! There is so much support and resources provided on campus to make your journey easier. For nursing students, don’t let fear overwhelm you. Many graduates have been in the same predicament as you; they have done it, you can do it too. Ask questions to our great nursing staff, make study groups, do tutoring, there are so many resources accessible on campus.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity? My plans are to pass the NCLEX and then find a job in my dream speciality, labor and delivery. Publishing our thesis done here on campus “Racial Disparities between Black and non-Hispanic White Patients in Intrapartum Care.” Additionally, I have plans to eventually become a midwife and provide a more holistic approach to nursing.

Joe Catalano

Joe Catalano

Hometown: Chester, N.Y.
Majors: Psychology and Creative Writing

Achievement: Presented a creative work at the Sigma Tau Delta National convention in Colorado in 2023.

Club: Hartwick Campus Activities Board (HCAB) – previously served as vice president of collaborations and promotions.

Sports: Men’s track and field.

Interests: Reading, video games, exercising, hanging out with friends.
Favorite Hartwick Memory: Being a Student Marshal and helping during last year’s graduation ceremony.

Favorite Place: Campbell Fitness Center

Advice for incoming class: Hartwick grants you the opportunity to know your community very easily and quickly. With smaller class sizes, you’re likely to get to know your professors more personally. Take advantage of this as forming bonds with your professors is one of many things that will help you during your time at Hartwick. Utilize your Success Team early on as well. They’re a support system that other colleges typically don’t have, so take advantage of your team as they want nothing more than to see you succeed.

What’s next: The next stop is graduate school. My goal is to attend Nazareth University and earn a master’s in social work (MSW) with a concentration in school social work, as it’s always been a dream of mine to become a high school counselor. Though that’s the main goal, I’ve applied to other schools that offered mental health counseling and school psychology.

Duncan Jarvi

Duncan Jarvi

Hometown: Rutland, Mass.
Major: Nursing

Achievements: Multiple Dean’s Lists

Clubs/interests: Nursing Student Board, tutoring, Nursing Simulation Committee

Sporting interest: Men’s lacrosse

Favorite Hartwick memory: Meeting a second family at school.

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: Seeing the view everyday
Advice for the incoming class: Be yourself and put yourself outside your comfort zone.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity? To a hospital back home to hopefully work as an ER nurse.

Elizabeth Baird

Elizabeth Baird

Hometown: Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
Major: Political Science, minor in Legal Studies

Achievements: Co-President of Pi Sigma Alpha, Empire 8 Swimming Champion x3, College Sports Communicators Academic All-District, All-Conference Award, Most Valuable Athlete Award.

Clubs/interests: Hartwick Law Club, Pi Sigma Alpha, swim team

Sporting interest: Women’s team captain for swim and dive 2023-24

Favorite Hartwick memory: Any swim championships that I have been a part of.

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: I have two favorite things here at Hartwick: the Political Science Department and the swim team.

Advice for the incoming class: Get to know your professors! College can be intimidating at first but if you talk to your professors and get to know them they are here to help you transition into a higher level of education.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity? I have accepted a position as a legal assistant for the Department of State at the Committee on Open Government. I will be there for a year and then I plan to apply for law school.

Gabriella Puglisi

Gabriella Puglisi

Hometown: Charlton, N.Y.
Major: Nursing

Achievements: Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society, Dean’s List

Clubs/Interests: I’ve served as a nursing tutor for the past three years, as well as assisted our amazing lab professors in the nursing simulation lab.

Favorite people: The nursing staff! They genuinely want to see their students succeed. Office hours are a great opportunity for academic help and also to get to know your professors too.

Advice for the incoming class: Utilize the campus resources; tutoring is a great service that I’ve found incredibly helpful, both as the tutor and student!

Where are you heading? I’ll be working in Albany as a maternity/labor and delivery nurse. I hope to go back to school one day to further my education and become a midwife.

Katie Miller

Katie Miller

Hometown: Burnt Hills, NY
Major: Nursing

Achievements: Receiving the Edith M. Lacey award and being a part of Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society and Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society.

Clubs/interests: I am on the E-Board of Hartwick College Association of Student Nurses and have been a tutor to underclassmen nursing majors for three years. I am also a member of the nursing student board and am one of the senior representatives.

Favorite place at Hartwick: My favorite place at Hartwick is Table Rock to watch the sunset!

Advice for the incoming class: My advice for the incoming class is to get as involved as you possibly can with your major/sport and clubs on campus, and to not wish the days away.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity? After graduation, I am working in the neonatal intensive care unit at Albany Medical Center and eventually want to earn my master’s of science in nursing education.

Noah Hurt '24

Noah Z. Hurt

Hometown: West Hartford, CT
Major: Criminal justice & political science, minor in museum studies

Achievements: John Christopher Hartwick Scholar award winner; was named a Faculty Scholar; won the President’s Scholarship; served as captain of the football team; elected president of the Student Government Association; E8 Sportsman Player of the Year

Clubs/interests: Member of the Black Student Union and Student Government

Sporting interest: I played football for four years at Hartwick and was voted captain in my senior season.

Favorite Hartwick memory: My favorite Hartwick memory is actually not from being on the top of the hill in Oneonta. It happened on a Career HOP to Washington DC.. Where we went to see Rob Carpenter ’88 and also went to the National Association of Counties (NACo). This helped me put into perspective of where my degree can take me.

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: My favorite places at Hartwick are the Trails or the third floor of Golisano. My favorite people are all the professors in the criminal justice and political science departments and the Commons workers. My favorite thing about Hartwick is the view that I get to see every day.

Advice for the incoming class: It is ok to ask for help. And remember that Rome was not built in one day so don’t try to rush through college because this is a key part to the foundation in your adult life. Don’t let someone else define your success. Only you know what makes you feel that successful feeling in life.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity? I am planning to further my education by getting my masters in either public administration or criminal justice.

Sofia Escobar

Sofia Escobar

Hometown: Wantagh, NY
Major: Creative writing & philosophy, minor in women’s & gender studies

Achievements: Three-time Anna Sonder Prize for Poetry winner; and a Eleanor B. North Poetry Award recipient (Sigma Tau Delta)

Clubs: President of Sigma Tau Delta & Writing Underground; treasurer of Feminist Alliance

Favorite Hartwick memory: Hosting “Blind Date with a Book” for Sigma Tau Delta. It’s fun to select books, wrap them and know that students loved the event so much.

Favorite person at Hartwick: It’s definitely a tie between my professors. Dr. Fest and Professor Yang, and James Cochran. They’ve always been supportive of my goals and inspire me to be the best version of myself.

Advice for the incoming class: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and reach for your dreams. You won’t know if you don’t try.

Where I’m headed: I hope to get into grad school and pursue an MFA in creative writing. If not this year, I’ll get there one day.

Rachel Nacheman

Rachel Nacheman

Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY
Major: Nursing, three-year degree

Clubs/interests: Nursing Student Board; student nursing lab technician, peer tutor

Favorite thing/person/place at Hartwick: My friends that I have made here!

Advice for the incoming class: Utilize your professors! The small class sizes allow for more individualized attention than at bigger colleges.

Where are you headed? Job, graduate school or other opportunity?: NICU Nurse at Albany Medical Center

March 5, 2024

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