Anthropology Faculty

Connie Anderson, Professor of Anthropology
Ph.D. , University of California, Riverside
Areas of expertise: Biological anthropology, particularly selection and behavior; the intersection of culture and biology; war and conflict resolution; the role of sports in interracial interactions, identity, and reconciliation; South Africa.

David Anthony, Professor of Anthropology
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Areas of expertise: Prehistoric archaeology, origins and results of domestication and riding of horses, origins of the Indo-European languages, North American prehistoric archaeology.

Jason Antrosio, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
Areas of expertise: Economic development, artisan and peasant economies, globalization, Latin America

Michael Woost, Professor of Anthropology
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Areas of expertise: Sri Lanka, ethnic conflict, violence, problems of development and globalization, gem mining, socioeconomic issues of South Asia.

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