Business Administration and Accounting Special Opportunities

Baker-Simpson Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program

The Baker-Simpson Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program was envisioned by Simon Baker ’93, and first funded by his generous donation in spring 2014.  Simon’s Hartwick experiences as a double major in economics and French and as a Division I Soccer Player set his course for a career in financial management and entrepreneurship.  He is the founder of BakerAvenue Asset Management and chairman of the investment committee. He oversees the investment process and leads the development of BakerAvenue’s strategies and services.  Simon’s donation funds an unparalleled opportunity for at least 5 of Hartwick’s top students who imagine themselves as entrepreneurs.

The competitive program selects Fellows for a summer immersion in a start-up business where they contribute to multiple aspects of the enterprise.  Upon their return to campus in fall they share their experiences with the community, advise the next cohort of applicants, speak at both alumni and admissions events and are recognized at the spring Student Showcase.  Simon has not only funded the Fellows Program; he donates his time to the mentoring of each Fellow.  His generosity evidences his dedication to a sustainable Hartwick.

The Griffiths Center for Collaboration & Innovation

The hub for outside-the-box thinking and creative problem solving on campus is the Griffiths Center for Collaboration & Innovation (GCCI). The GCCI offers students a work environment to develop ideas, meet outside experts and practitioners, produce prototypes, and refine solutions. 

Griffiths Center for Collaboration & Innovation

Investment Club

The student run Investment Club provides unique hands-on experience in stock investment and portfolio management as well as a venue for meeting and learning from veteran investors, experienced financial professionals and peers from other university investment clubs.

University Innovation Fellowship Program

A competitive year-long campus leadership opportunity in innovation and entrepreneurship that culminates in sponsored travel to Google and Stanford University.

Student-Faculty Research Collaboration

Our collaborations are challenging and fun experiences where students work one-on-one with a business faculty member on topical academic research. Students acquire vital skills such as articulating an interesting research question, conducting a review of the literature, constructing and analyzing data, and writing for an academic audience. This experience prepares students for graduate programs in business and related disciplines.

Clarkson 4+1 MBA Program

As a Clarkson 4+1 partner institution, Hartwick shares an articulation agreement that ensures that our students have the ability to plan their undergraduate program to include courses that serve as prerequisites for the Clarkson MBA. By meeting these requirements, students will be able to complete the Clarkson MBA in one year.

Also, as a graduate of Hartwick College, any student who enrolls in the Clarkson MBA program will automatically be awarded the Clarkson 4+1 Fellowship:

  • $10,000 Tuition Scholarship
  • $4,000 Travel Scholarship
  • $3,000 graduate assistant position
  • A streamlined application process

The list of courses that follow shows the equivalent courses at Hartwick that fulfill the prerequisites to complete the One Year MBA program at Clarkson. Hartwick College Course Equivalents (in italic) are as follows:


Accounting: Financial and Managerial
ACCO 101 and ACCO 102

Economics: Micro and Macro
ECON 101 and ECON 102

Corporate Finance
BUSA 280

Operations/Production Management
BUSA 348

Computer Science: Information Systems
CISC 120

Statistics and Quantitative Methods
MATH 108 or MATH 308

Law and Society
BUSA 310

Organizational Behavior
BUSA 230

Principles of Marketing
BUSA 240

For more information about this program, contact Dr. Carlena Cochi Ficano, Chair of the Department of Business Administration and Accounting at

Syracuse University Affiliations

Hartwick College shares an affiliation agreement with Syracuse University for a number of their Masters Programs. In each instance, Syracuse University will accept Hartwick students into their programs who meet the following criteria:  

  • GPA of at least 3.0
  • GMAT score of at least 600
  • Demonstration of strong characteristics of leadership
  • A continued record of good citizenship and character
  • Completion of an undergraduate degree
  • Space availability in the chosen program

Further details for each of the programs can be found below:

Program Name

Guaranteed Scholarship

Prerequisite Course Requirements

MBA Program



MS in Finance


See Below

MS in Business Analytics



MS in Entrepreneurship



MS in Supply Chain



MS in Marketing



MS in Professional Accounting


See Below


Syracuse’s MS in Finance requires a number of prerequisites which can be met by achieving a minimum grade of C in the following Hartwick College Courses.

Syracuse MS in Finance Prerequisite Requirement

Hartwick College Equivalent Course

Financial Accounting

ACCO 101 Financial Accounting

Managerial Accounting

ACCO 102 Managerial Accounting

Managerial Finance

BUSA 280 Finance

Data Analysis/Business Statistics

BUSA 260 Quantitative Business

Economics for Managers

Econ 100 Principles of Macroeconomics and

ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics


Syracuse’s MS in Accounting requires a number of prerequisites which can be met by achieving a minimum grade of C in the following Hartwick College Courses. 

Syracuse MS in Accounting Prerequisite Requirement

Hartwick College Equivalent Course

Introduction to Financial Accounting

ACCO 101 Financial Accounting

Managerial Accounting

ACCO 102 Managerial Accounting

Intermediate Financial Accounting I

ACCO 321 Intermediate Accounting I

Intermediate Financial Accounting II

ACCO 322 Intermediate Accounting II

Advanced Financial Accounting

ACCO 491 Contemporary Issues in Accounting

Principles of Taxation

ACCO 342 Taxation I


ACCO 421 Auditing

NOTE: Students will be required to take Cost Accounting and ACC 756 Advanced Financial Accounting as part of their academic plan at Syracuse.  This will extend the curriculum to 33 credit hours.  Therefore, degree completion may require more than two semesters of study. 


Hartwick’s long-standing student-run Accounting & Business Society has recently affiliated as a chapter of the national DECA organization ( at the collegiate level.  This affiliation grants us access to leadership, entrepreneurship, and business planning conferences and competitions across the country and around the world.

Doing Business in January Term

Each January Term, the Business Administration and Accounting Department develops an international program specifically for its upper-class majors.  Previous course destinations include: Italy, India and China.  These courses include cultural excursions but highlight interactions with American and foreign businesses operating overseas.  

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