Cognitive Science Courses

As an interdisciplinary program, cognitive science periodically revises its course offerings. In addition to the list of courses below, students should also consult the current semester’s courses.

Course Catalog


  • BIOL 319 & 320 Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II
  • BIOL 401, 401L Neurobiology

Computer Science

  • CISC 110 Lego Robotics
  • CISC 120 Cracking the Code
  • CISC 118 Game Programming


  • PHIL 236 Logic
  • PHIL 249 Existentialism
  • PHIL 250 Philosophy of Language
  • PHIL 350 Analytic Philosophy
  • PHIL 370 Philosophy of Mind


  • PHYS 129 Physics of Everyday Objects


  • PSYC 304 Cognitive Psychology (3 cr) (PR: PSYC 110, 111, 290, or PM)
  • PSYC 305 Biopsychology (3 cr) (PR: PSYC 290 or BIOL104 & 105 or PM)

Religious Studies

  • RELS 363 Philosophical Religion of Yoga

Capstone Project

COGS 490 Students begin by choosing a topic for a paper or research project that is related to Cognitive Science. Next, they choose a Cognitive Science Faculty Supervisor. Working together, the student and the advisor determine the number of credits for the project (1-4; depending on the complexity of the project). In the course of completing their project, students will be encouraged to apply the knowledge and analytical skills they have acquired while pursuing the minor in Cognitive Science.