Cognitive Science Faculty

Allen Crooker
Professor of Biology and Coordinator of Medical Technology
Ph.D., Washington State University
Areas of expertise:
anatomy & physiology, neurobiology, entomology, electron microscopy, heavy metal pathology
C. W. (Sandy) Huntington
Professor of Religious Studies
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Areas of expertise:
Buddhism, Hinduism, Religions of the Far East, religion and literature, religion and end of life care.
Howard Lichtman
Associate Professor and Department Chair of Computer Science
Ph.D. Candidate, Nova Southeastern University
Areas of expertise:
computer security, networking, computer hardware, and Microsoft Windows based operating systems.
Larry Nienart
Professor and Department Chair of Physics
Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo
Areas of expertise:
electronics, radio astronomy, analog computers.
Lisa Onorato
Professor of Psychology
Ph.D., New Mexico State University
Areas of expertise:
cognitive psychology, cognitive science, human factors engineering, creativity, psychological research methods.
Stefanie Rocknak
Professor and Chair of Philosophy
Ph.D., Boston University
Areas of expertise:
History of Modern Philosophy; Hume, Contemporary Philosophy; Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Aesthetics, Epistemology
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