Mathematics Courses

Below, you can find a list of courses from our current semester.

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Course Catalog

Current Mathematics Courses: 

MATH 100: Algebra Review (2 Credits)

Intended to provide the background necessary for Math 120 Precalculus. Topics covered include properties of real numbers, exponents, and radicals; operations involving polynomials and other algebraic expressions; solving equations and inequalities. Other topics may be included if time permits. The course should be taken only by students who intend to take Math 120 Precalculus. This course cannot be used to satisfy QFR requirement or the Physical & Life Science Division distribution requirement of LAiP, and does not count toward a mathematics major or minor.

MATH 108: Statistics (3 credits)

An introduction to basic methods in exploratory data analysis, experimental design, and statistical inference. Included are graphic displays, numeric measures of center and variation, regression and correlation, normal probabilities, fundamentals of experimental design, and confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for means and proportions. Material covered has application to biology, economics, nursing, political science, psychology, sociology and other fields. Use of statistical software is integral to much of the course. Cannot be taken for credit if credit has already been received for MATH 308. Prerequisite: At least Level 2 on MATH Placement Exam. (QFR)

MATH 120: Pre-Calculus Mathematics (4 credits)

Intended to provide the background necessary for the calculus sequence. Included are topics from algebra, functions, graphs, linear functions, quadratics, conics, trigonometric functions, exponentials, inverse functions, logarithms, and inverse trigonometric functions. The course should be taken only by students who intend to begin the calculus sequence (however, MATH 120 is not a prerequisite for MATH 121). Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor or Level 3 or 4 on the algebra placement test. (QFR)

MATH 121: Single Variable Calculus (4 credits)

A course in the basic concepts of single-variable calculus. Included are functions and their graphs, limits, derivatives, applications of the derivative, and an introduction to integration. Use of computer algebra software is integral to the course. Prerequisite: Level 5 on the algebra placement test or at least a C in MATH 120. (QFR)

MATH 220: Linear Algebra (3 credits)

Systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, dependence and independence, vector spaces, transformations. Applications. Prerequisite: at least a C- in MATH 233 or 235. (QFR)

233 Multivariable Calculus (3 credits)

Rectangular, cylindrical, and spherical coordinate systems in three dimensions, vectors, functions of several variables, limits and continuity, partial derivatives, optimization techniques, multiple integrals (including alternate coordinate systems). Prerequisite: at least a C- in MATH 121. (QFR)

MATH 308: Mathematical Probability and Statistics (3 credits)

Probability theory, random variables, binomial, Poisson, normal and other distributions, limit theorems and applications to hypothesis testing, estimation, regression. Prerequisites: MATH 233 and 235. (QFR)

MATH: 326 Discrete Mathematics (3 credits)

Included are elementary set theory and logic, mathematical induction, principles of counting including combinations and permutations, distributions, binomial and multinomial coefficients, pigeon-hole principle, and Stirling numbers. Other topics selected from generating functions, finite state machines and languages, graph theory, Boolean algebra. Prerequisites: MATH 220, 233, and 235. Offered alternate years. (QFR)

MATH 420: Abstract Algebra (3 credits)

An introduction to fundamental algebraic structures, focused primarily on group theory. Included are groups, subgroups, cyclic groups, permutation groups, isomorphisms, homomorphisms, direct products, normal subgroups, factor groups, and an introduction to rings, integral domains, and fields. Prerequisites: at least a C in MATH 320. (QFR)