Museum Studies Courses

Below, you can find a list of current Museum Studies courses. For further information, please refer to the College course catalog.

Course Catalog

Museum Studies Courses: 2019-2021

MUST 203: Museums and Society:  Controversies and Dilemmas, Professor Douglas Kendall
(Fall Term 2019 & 2020)

MUST 204: Collections Management Practicum, Professor Quentin Lewis
( Spring Term 2020; Fall Term 2020)

MUST 205: Exhibition Preparation and Design Practicum, Faculty to be determined
(Spring Term 2020)

MUST 250: First Year Seminar – Collectors & Collecting, Professors Douglas Kendall and Quentin Lewis
(Fall Term 2019)

MUST 302: Creative Exhibits: the Power of Display, Professors Douglas Kendall and Nancy Golden
(Spring Term 2019, Spring Term 2021)

MUST 304 Places of Learning: Museums and Education, Faculty to be determined
(Spring Term 2020)

MUST 305 Independent project
(offered as needed)

(may be arranged during Fall Term, January Term, Spring Term and Summer Term)

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