Religious Studies Requirements

Religious Studies Major Requirements

Courses: A departmentally approved program of nine 3 or 4 credit courses in Religious Studies, plus a senior project (RELS 490) for a minimum of 32 credits.

Recommended Sequence: Students are strongly encouraged to take at least two of the survey courses (100 level) with two different instructors early in their college careers, certainly by the end of the sophomore year.

Distribution: Students must complete two (RELS) courses in each of the following core subject areas:

Monotheistic Traditions

  • 101 Understanding Religion
  • 105 The Bible Goes to Hollywood
  • 110 Introduction to the Bible
  • 235 Judaism
  • 237 Christianity
  • 239 Islam
  • 311 Hebrew Storytelling
  • 312 The Prophets of Israel
  • 313 Jesus in Myth, Tradition, and History

Asian Traditions

  • 106 World Religions
  • 221 Hinduism
  • 222 Buddhism
  • 223 Religions of the Far East
  • 307 Religion and Literature

Contemporary Western Traditions

  • 103 Religious Diversity in America
  • 107 Religion and Popular Culture
  • 115 Religious Cults
  • 123 Pluralism and Fundamentalism
  • 146 Sacred Space in America
  • 241 Religion and Science
  • 243 Religion and Politics in America
  • 245 Studying Religion: Vodou/Voodoo
  • 341 Religion and Medicine
  • 345 Religion and Technology
  • 347 Religion and Nature

With permission of the department, Topics in Religion courses may be used to satisfy distributional requirements.

Students may petition to have one course from another department counted toward the Religious Studies major. Students wishing to explore this possibility should consult with the Religious Studies faculty.

Course levels: Majors must complete at least five courses at the 200 level or above. Senior Project. All majors must complete RELS 490 as their capstone requirement.

Religious Studies Minor Requirements

Courses: A departmentally approved program of six 3 or 4 credit courses in Religious Studies, for a minimum of 18 credits.

Distribution: Each minor must take at least one (RELS) course in each of the three core subject areas listed above.