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Honors Week

Hartwick will celebrate the achievements of outstanding students during the College's inaugural Honors Week celebration, May 1-3.

2024 Honors Week Events

Honors Convocation Ceremony – May 1

On April 24, 1940, Hartwick College’s “Scholastic Honor Day” began as a community-wide event in which faculty, staff, students and parents convened to announce the academic accomplishments of the student body.

Now, 84 years later, the tradition continues. Today, while the event is named “Honors Convocation,” the intent of the ceremony remains. The event serves to recognize exceptional academic achievement, celebrating excellence in scholarship.

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Honors Convocation Ceremony 2024

John Christopher Hartwick Scholars, Hartwick College Honors Convocation

Kellogg Oratorical Prize Finalists

Jacob Keyes

Jacob T. Keyes

Sight Unseen

Jodi Johnson

Jodi C. Johnson

Yes, I am Changing

Michael Demarais

Michael P. Demarais

Learning to Look Through Another Lens

Honors Recognition Reception – May 2

The event recognized Dean’s List recipients and seniors who have completed the College Honors program or who have been inducted into the Hartwick Honor Society.


Honors Recognition Reception 2024, Honors students photo on stairs of Library

Student Showcase – May 3

A campus-wide celebration of student achievements through presentations, performances, poster sessions and creative projects takes place at various locations on campus from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Questions about Honors Week?

Contact Cherilyn Lacy, Assistant Dean of Faculty, at lacyc@hartwick.edu.