Education For Tomorrow

Take Flight With FlightPath

This is an academic journey designed to make you invaluable, fulfilled, and future-ready.


Education For Tomorrow

The world is rapidly changing and unfolding with possibilities. The core curriculum of FlightPath is designed for that, helping you develop skills for the 21st century and giving you options that adapt in real time as you and your interests grow. You’ll dive into a unique first-year experience, collaborate with classmates in special projects on and off campus, and earn a Hartwick degree that is flexible, relevant, and valued.

Preparing for what’s next starts here.

You’ll begin with a seminar to help you set goals and understand how to create your FlightPath journey. Then, with the support of your FlightPath mentors, you’ll build financial literacy and other life skills that lead to true independence.


First Year Seminar:

An opening seminar like no other, you’ll not only get a good start at Hartwick, you’ll also make progress identifying and initiating your individual FlightPath.

Flexible programs:

FlightPath is all yours. Working with your Guidance Team, you’ll customize your path to match your interests and move you forward.


This is Your FlightPath

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