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Study Economics at Hartwick College and you’ll get a first-hand look at how economic systems impact our day-to-day lives. With up-to-the-minute insights on local, national and global economics, you’ll develop the analytical skills to apply your knowledge across multiple disciplines, opening yourself up to a variety of career opportunities.

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Many Career Paths

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Economics is more than just money – it’s how you think about the world. From law school to the boardroom, from sustainable agriculture to new businesses, a degree in Economics from Hartwick College opens doors to a wide variety of careers.

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Add a minor in Business or Finance to strengthen your understanding of how to be part of an economic system. Pair your Economics studies with Sociology or Environment and Sustainability courses to dive into the complex systems that create and fund economies, or study Political Science to prepare you for careers with government or civic agencies.

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Your Career Coach will help you develop your passion, and you’ll have plenty of real-world work experiences to help you decide what you want to do – and see you through to a fulfilling career.


The best way to learn the impact and importance of economic systems is to witness them up close. Spend J Term studying sustainable food sources in Portugal, populism in Central Europe, or public policy in Arizona. Courses in big data analytics and other 21st century skills modules help you understand the future, while interviewing Oneonta residents about the local economy helps you understand the impact that markets have on the lives of real people.

When you’re ready, you’ll get the chance to test-drive these skills at an internship in a field you’re excited about, and finish your time at Hartwick with a thesis project that lets you put your research into practice. It all goes on your Digital Resume, proof to your future employers that you’ve got what it takes to succeed in any workplace.


The doors are always open in the Economics Department. Grab a cup of coffee and meet with your Faculty Mentor, or sit in on a presentation from a senior who wants to share their internship experience with you. An active alumni network means you’ll find an Alumni Mentor who can offer personalized career advice. You’ll hone your skills through real-world work experiences and show what you know in your SOAR Capstone project.



Like Jack Mahn ‘23, a Fiscal Analyst Intern with the Public Consulting Group in Boston. Working with Board Trustee Kathy Fallon ‘88, Practice Area Director in the Boston headquarters of PCG, Mahn learned to research and present trends in order to make future predictions for human services agencies.


Like Neiva Fortes ‘22, who received a full fellowship to get her PhD in Economics at Syracuse University. Double majoring in Economics and Mathematics, she graduated summa cum laude and worked as an Assistant Director of Admissions.


Like Robert Shepard ‘18, who was recently promoted from a Commercial Project Manager to a Business Excellence Professional at Seimans. While at Hartwick, he was the president of the Investment Club and assisted his fellow Economics students as a tutor.


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Professor of Economics

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Professor of Economics & Honors Program Co-Director
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Karl Seeley

Professor of Economics and Department Chair
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Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program

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