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Social media marketer. Litigator or estate planning lawyer. Filmmaker and producer. Fashion brand marketer. Journalist or political speech writer. High school teacher, university professor. C-suite executive. This is a sampling of the careers pursued by Hartwick College alums who majored in English.

Would you prefer to be a published author? A poet-world-traveler? Senior editor of a literary magazine? Creative Writing is one of three majors offered through the Literature, Media, and Writing Department, with our English with an Emphasis on Writing major completing the trio of current majors.

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Many Career Paths

As an English major, you’ll develop skills in analytical, creative, and narrative writing, preparing you for a variety of careers across all sectors.

Your Faculty Advisor will consult with you to determine the ideal marriage of skills, evolving interests, and emerging career prospects. A Career Coach will connect you to internships, externships, and community-based experiences that will help you hone your focus. Your Alumni Mentor will suggest strategies for charting the course of your desired post-Hartwick pursuits.


Discover how original thought, wedded to powerful prose, can foster innovation, influence thinking, and drive social change.

Hartwick College students with alumnus mentor

Cross-collaboration is built into Hartwick’s curriculum. Your Faculty Advisor, partnering with your Success Coach, will help you to find the right courses to chart your academic, extracurricular, and activity-rich Hartwick experience!

Hartwick College student in conference room during Baker-Simpson Leadership experience

Spend your J Term creating surrealist films or flash fiction in Iceland; or immerse yourself in the food, culture, and art of Spain or Ireland; or take part in the coveted Baker-Simpson Entrepreneurial Leadership Program.

Hartwick College student during podcast

Secure an exclusive paid appointment as a Writing Center Consultant who supports a fellow student’s quest to become a skilled writer. Record a podcast in our Media Production studio. Be a DJ at WHRO, Hartwick’s Radio Station. Intern as the Managing Editor of our literary magazine, Word of Mouth or Hartwick’s alumni magazine, The Wick.


The analytical and writing skills you’ll develop in your coursework will position you to succeed in your courses; in your interviews and competitions; and in your professional and personal endeavors.

You’ll develop critical reading and writing skills in your encounters with Shakespeare and Keats, with Morrison and Atwood, Hurston and Achebe; with sci-fi and fantasy; YA and queer lit, flash fiction and megatexts; feature films and documentaries; marketing ads and video games.

Every spring, you can present your scholarly, exploratory, investigative, and creative work at the Student Showcase. Your digital resume – built over the course of your Hartwick career – will show employers the talents, skills, creativity, and individualism that define who you are and who you may become in the post-graduate world.

Where Will a Hartwick English Degree Take You?


Like Elizabeth (“Lizzy”) Giedraitis ’18, a Marketing Specialist with New Media Retailer. Her internships and work study with the Literature, Media and Writing department put her in charge of producing marketing copy for incoming students, as well as managing the department’s social media accounts.


Like Kevin Blake ’17, a PhD Candidate in Plant and Microbial Sciences at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. A double-major in Biology and Literature, Media and Writing, he puts both to use as a science writer and Communications Director for the ProSPER blog.


Like Thomas Gillon II, ’17, a freelance writer, most recently for the arts and culture magazine Chronogram. He produced advertising copy for two internships developing content for high-end tequila and whiskey brands, as well as created his own radio broadcast as a WHRO DJ.



James Cochran

Director of the 21st-Century Writing Competency Program and Writing Center

Lisa Darien

Associate Professor of English

Bradley J. Fest

Associate Professor of English and Babcock Professor of English

Susan J. Navarette

Professor of English

Robert Seguin

Professor of English, Department Chair & Coordinator of Race & Ethnic Studies

Tessa Yang

Assistant Professor of English


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