Why Hartwick?

You want to chart your own journey. Hartwick’s Individual Student Program (ISP) allows you to do just that, honing your passions into a customized major, with all of the experiential learning that makes Hartwick the place where you want to launch your personalized FlightPath.

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Many Career Paths

Art therapy. Music history. Journalism, Public Relations and Women’s Studies. These are just a few of the custom-designed majors that Hartwick students have created with their ISP.

No matter what major you design, your Faculty Mentor will work alongside you to select courses and campus experiences, while your Career Coach will guide you towards internships and real-world work experiences that will hone that focus into job offers and opportunities. And your Success Coach will be there from the beginning, cheering you on.


Hands-on Learning

Hartwick’s FlightPath prioritizes hands-on learning experiences. Get creative in our art studios, music practice rooms or on stage. Conduct experiments in our labs and at Pine Lake. Join any of our 60+ clubs and organizations, or any of our 19 D-III athletic teams.

J Term

Hartwick’s focus on J Term experiences and study-abroad opportunities allow you to learn about other cultures from the people who live them. You could even receive financial support to intern abroad!


And our Career HOPs, Silicon Valley experiences and other networking events help you connect with alumni in your chosen field to learn more about how you can be successful in the workplace.


No matter how you build your ISP, you’ll work with a Guidance Team that prioritizes your success. In addition to your Faculty Mentor and your Career Coach, you’ll work with an Alumni Mentor who will share their personalized workplace experiences with you, and a Success Coach who will cheer you on the whole way.

In your Senior Year, you’ll develop a thesis project and present everything you’ve learned at Student Showcase. It all goes on your digital resume, proving to employers that you have the talents and skills to thrive in the workplace.


Chad Anderson

Assistant Professor of History & Coordinator of Individual Student Program (ISP)

Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program

For Individual Student Program (ISP) students with a self-designed major, Hartwick’s Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program is a unique opportunity to earn a degree in three years.

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