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Whether you play classical or rock & roll, sing opera or Broadway, want to educate the next generation of talent or get an up-and-coming band on the charts, Hartwick’s Music Department has the dedicated path to help you succeed. You’ll have real-world opportunities to perform outside the classroom, teach inside the classroom, and work alongside musicians to produce and promote their work.

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At Hartwick, you’ll learn, study and play alongside faculty who have played shows in Las Vegas, recorded albums with jazz greats, or sung with the New York City opera.

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You’ll start with a personalized audition with Hartwick faculty and Artists-in-Residence. Campus-wide audition days make scheduling easy, or you can arrange for a private audition. Working alongside these faculty members, you’ll develop the technical skills and confidence needed to thrive in your career as a professional musician. You may even get a chance to help debut a piece that’s never been heard before!

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Interested in conducting or composition? We have courses for both. Study the business of music production as your minor, and you could end up credited on a faculty member’s album. Or add a Music Business minor to help you better understand the professional side of performing. Whatever your concentration, your Flightpath will set you up with a Success Coach, a Faculty Mentor, a Career Coach and an Alumni Mentor, all who will guide you into making your passion your career.

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At Hartwick, music doesn’t just stay in the classroom. You’ll have opportunities to play during campus events, including half-time shows, Honors Convocation and Commencement. You may get a chance to perform regionally, or even in front of the audience at Carnegie Hall!

Can’t choose between ensembles? You don’t have to. They’re scheduled so that there’s no conflict; one night you can play jazz, another night, you can play opera, rock & roll, or classical. And our ensembles are open to any student, so you'll have the opportunity to play alongside a diverse array of your peers.


With small class sizes, you’ll get personal attention from faculty and guest artists who are invested in your success. You’ll perform traditional pieces, as well as new pieces that incorporate improv and multimedia, or even compose your own. You’ll get into the classroom and the studio, or even get a chance to rock out!



Like Ushuaia Diaz ‘21, now pursuing a Master in Clarinet Performance at the Crane School of Music. While at Hartwick, she received an Emerson International Scholarship to assist with the launch of the first Piano Academy of the International Jenö Takács Piano Competition for Young Pianists in Vienna, Austria. She was the Young Artist opener for the Oneonta Concert Association twice, and played with the Intercollegiate Small Band Program for the College Band Directors National Association in 2019.


Like Adam Fredette ‘18, a freelance audio engineer. Using skills he acquired as a work study student in the production department at Hartwick, he edited “virtual ensembles” for livestream performances, and served as the sound engineer for Music Mountain in 2021. An in-demand performer in the Capital District music scene, he’s the guitar player for several bands, both live and in the studio.


Daniel Hane

Department Chair & Artist in Residence

Andrew Pease

Associate Professor of Music

Ana Laura González

Assistant Professor of Music

Meghan Sheehy

Associate Professor of Music Education

Stephanie Hollander

Artist in Residence

Evan Jagels

Artist in Residence

Gregg Norris

Adjunct Instructor

Allison Rubin

Artist in Residence

Fideliz Sta Brigida

Artist in Residence

Ben Aldridge

Artist in Residence

Wyatt Ambrose

Artist in Residence

Ruth Berry

Artist in Residence

Jill Czarnecki

Staff Accompanist

Cindy Donaldson

Artist in Residence

Tim Horne

Staff Accompanist

William Pomares

Adjunct Instructor in Music