Faculty Advising

The Offices of Academic Advising and Academic Affairs are dedicated to ensuring that there are clear policies, procedures and resources to support the academic advising program at Hartwick.

Academic Advising & Teaching

Hartwick College offers students the opportunity to learn in small classes through open discourse with faculty and fellow students. Making the most effective use of the learning opportunities a college experience offers is a basic challenge each student faces.

Faculty members provide special help in this process by being open and engaged teachers and academic advisors. Learning in this setting creates an active and engaging relationship between the faculty member and the student which is based on trust, support, and encouragement.

Advisors help students answer questions and reach sound decisions about their academic goals and program choices. The care and personal attention given to students in and out of the classroom is the foundation for successful learning in teaching and advising.

Hartwick first-year students are assigned a faculty member to serve as their advisor. Our students must meet with their advisors prior to each course registration period, but students are encouraged to visit their advisors regularly. Advisors help their student plan a challenging, satisfying, and comprehensive program; and, assist in exploring career options and resources available for dealing with specific problems.  Students may change advisors, majors or minors, by submitting a completed Advisor/Major/Minor Change Form through the Office of the Registrar.

Software Systems For Advising

Self-Service is the system of record for academic information including course registration and outcomes and for students’ progress toward the degree.


Faculty and staff record student performance alerts and notes in this system to support student retention. Students use Navigate to make appointments with advisors and coaches.


Forms and Petitions

Not sure where to find a form to change a major or advisor? To register a directed or independent study?
Check the Office of the Registrar.

Office of Academic Advising

205 Bresee Hall