Tutoring Services

The Center for Student Success offers Peer Tutorial and Progressive Instruction academic support programs.  These services are provided free of charge to help refine students’ study skills and to provide assistance in particular subjects.

Peer tutors and Progressive Instruction tutors are students recommended by faculty or chosen on the basis of strong performance in a specific course.

View the Fall 2018 Tutor Schedule!

Peer Tutorial Program

Who is eligible for tutoring services?

  • All Hartwick College students, in all years and at all levels of understanding, are eligible for tutoring.
  • There are occasions when a tutor may not be available in a course. In that case students are encouraged to work directly with their professor on course content.
  • Before seeking tutoring services, students are encouraged to first speak with their instructor. 
  • If taking a class that offers Progressive Instruction, students are urged to first meet with their Progressive Instructor tutor during PI hours.

How do I get a tutor?

  • Peer tutoring drop-in sessions are offered for a variety of classes each term.
  • Individual Peer Tutoring is available for students looking for assistance in a specific course that is not listed on our drop-in schedule. Fill out a Tutor Request Form. Once this form is submitted, you will be matched with an appropriate tutor for the course you select.

Why become a tutor?

  • Tutoring allows students to share their enthusiasm for a course and their strategies and techniques for learning the material effectively.
  • Tutors are paid for their time (through Work-Study or college employment, based on eligibility)
  • Many tutors find the experience of helping fellow students enjoyable

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, contact Ann-Lis Glenn at glenna@hartwick.edu or 607-431-4661.

Progressive Instruction

What is Progressive Instruction?

Progressive instructors are peers who are available to assist in pre-determined courses that are particularly challenging for students.

Progressive instructors:

  • Coordinate group tutoring sessions;
  • Work one-on-one with students in the class; and
  • Perform additional tasks related to the course.

Progressive instructors are students who have been highly recommended by department chairs or professors. 

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