Accessing and setting up your network accounts

Setting up your Hartwick accounts is your first step in getting ready for campus!

There are three components to this:

When you officially enroll, you receive an email to the email address listed on your application containing your unique details. Please contact us at or 607-431-4150 if you need this information again.

Your student ID

Your ID is a 7-digit number that was assigned at the time of admission. You will be asked for this information for different purposes, and it will be printed on your WickIt (Campus ID card).

Your Hartwick username

This is your official system log-on for all College network resources, including:

  • D2L, our learning management system.
  • Self-Service, the location for student schedules, grades, transcripts and more.
  • Hartlink, a space to learn and get details about campus goings-on.
  • Navigate, an app to connect you with the right people and resources on campus.

Links to all of the above can be accessed here.

Do not share your network username and password with anyone.

You’ll need to activate your username (see below) before you can access your Hartwick College Google Mail account.

Your email address

Your Hartwick email is the account to which faculty and staff correspondence will be directed–including information between now and your arrival on campus, so be sure to check it regularly!

All communications from the College will come to this account.

  • It can be accessed through Google, as part of Google Apps for Education.
  • Access it by going to Gmail and clicking “Sign In.”
  • Please make sure you use your Hartwick email address as your username.

How to activate your username and email

Step 1: Go to

When prompted, please login using your Hartwick College network username and your default password.
Your default Hartwick College password is h + the ID number provided in your acceptance packet (ex. h1234567). You may be asked to log in twice.

Step 2: Account Verification

Once you have entered your network username and default password and are logged in, you will be prompted to enroll in two of four different verification methods of your choice. Please select one, and then click the button to provide a second verification method and click Next. After completing this, click “Next” (note that if you opt for the “email verification” option, please use a personal email address as opposed to your Hartwick or other institutional email address).

Step 3: Change Your Password

Once your enrollment is verified successfully, please click on the Change Password tab in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Enter your default password that you used to first sign-in (hxxxxxxx) into the “old password” field, then create a new password following the requirements listed on the webpage. The text field will display a green line underneath it when the requirements for password security are met.
Click “Change Password” to complete the process. You should then see a small green message at the top of the page indicating that the change was successful.

The three steps above are required in order to access your Hartwick email. Once you have completed these steps, you are able to begin working on your next steps!

Email Tips

To access your Hartwick email moving forward, please go to:

  • Remember to check the “Spam” label on the left side of the Gmail window (under “More”).
  • Train Gmail if it mistakenly identifies valid messages as spam.
  • Messages under the “Spam” label are automatically deleted after 30 days.
  • Items in the “Trash” are deleted permanently after 30 days.
  • Remember to check your Hartwick email frequently.

Questions or need an assist? Contact the Technology Resource Center (TRC) at 607-431-4357 or