Global Ambassadors

Current Global Ambassadors:

Rebeka Alva ’26

Global Outreach Coordinator & Global Ambassador

Simi Kishore ’26

Global Ambassador

Katrina Somma ’26

Global Ambassador

Rishpa Baidya ’26

Global Ambassador

Oiram L. Duenas-Valles ’26

Global Ambassador

What are Global Ambassadors?

The purpose of the Global Ambassador program is to give you the opportunity to develop leadership skills and intercultural competencies, and to support the success of new international students. You will engage in constructive dialogue among diverse perspectives, demonstrating political and cultural fluency.




Why should I become a Global Ambassador?

  • Eligible to apply for a GEO credit
  • Global Ambassador Certificate (add it to your resume!)
  • Leadership opportunities and transferable intercultural and career skills
  • Graduation cord
  • Mentoring from Global Ed staff
  • New friends!
  • Event funding

What students are eligible?

  • 2.0 or above GPA
  • Stable internet connection
  • Interest in other cultures
  • Commitment to the program for at least one semester

What do Global Ambassadors do?


Some of the responsibilities of Global Ambassadors are:

  • Undergo initial virtual pre-semester training
  • Be a contact point and mentor for one to three new incoming international students
  • Arrive early for the semester and be here to greet new students as they arrive, help them get settled in their rooms, and participate in international student orientation
  • Contact your assigned student(s) throughout the summer and help them be prepared and feel welcome at Hartwick
  • Meet with your assigned student(s) at least four times throughout the semester and be a point of contact for them
  • Work with other Global Ambassadors and the Office of Global Education to organize at least one intercultural event during the semester
  • Attend at least two more events throughout the semester
  • Write a final one-page reflection on the experience at the end of the semester

How can I apply?

In the mid-fall 2023 the Office of Global Education will be recruiting new Global Ambassadors for the Spring Semester of 2024. If you are interested in becoming a Global Ambassador fill out this form before the end of November 2023.

Global Ambassador Application

The Office of Global Education
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