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Semester / Year abroad

Earn credits towards your degree while having the adventure of a lifetime!

Hartwick College facilitates study abroad programs in over 60 countries around the world.

You can also combine your study abroad program with:

          There are three ways to study abroad:



Third-party affiliations

Hartwick college has developed partnerships with API, ISA and Kaya to help students find their ideal study abroad program.

Between these three providers, you can choose from programs offered in almost every country of the world.



If you are considering this option don’t hesitate on visiting Global Education at Golisano Hall, 1st Floor, or contact the department of Global Education, and we will give you more information!

Exchange programs

This way of studying abroad is probably the most economical of the three.

Hartwick college has partnerships with 4 different universities around the world to exchange students. This means, that students will not have to pay any extra tuition to study at another university, apart from the Hartwick tuition.

Also, if the student exchanging with you has a room and board plan abroad, you will only have to pay Hartwick’s room and board fees to get a room and a meal plan in the foreign.

Learn more about the 4 universities below!

On your own

Although we recommend students to choose one of the 2 ways named before, students who already have a specific study abroad program in mind can do it their way too.





If this is your case, please contact the department of Global Education and we will help you throughout the process!

Partnership universities



Highlighted university

Logo DHBW Stuttgart
DHBW Stuttgart

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Program languages: English/German

Fun facts: The campus is located in the center of Stuttgart, Germany, and it is one of the biggest colleges in the region. They count with a Culture Connection club and a Buddy club, both formed by students in DHBW, that offer exchange students extracurricular activities, company visits, language groups and a buddy system to meet people more easily.

Scholarships to study abroad

Hartwick students have access to many scholarships to study abroad. They can find financial aid from three different providers:

Hartwick Scholarships

– Hartwick students
– Fulfill the GPA requirement

Federal Scholarships

– US citizens
– Undergraduate students
– Pell grants eligible
– Applying for credit-bearing study abroad programs


– US citizens
– Dependent Child of an Active Duty military member


– US citizens
– Interest is Critical Need Language

External & Provider Scholarships

– Participate in a study abroad program offered by API


– Participate in a study abroad program offered by ISA


– Everybody can apply

You can combine your study abroad program with:

1. International Internships

Many of Hartwick’s study abroad affiliates can arrange internship opportunities for students who study abroad through their programs.

Some students elect to do a part-time internship for a whole semester while taking classes. Students who work in another culture and language tend to get the most out of their international experiences.

Full-time internships overseas can also be arranged; however, because of immigration laws, it is not always possible to be paid. You can compete for one of Hartwick’s Emerson International Internship Scholarships to cover much of the cost.

Find more information about the scholarship here:

2. Independent Research

Students who are writing their thesis on an international topic benefit significantly from having access to libraries, museums and other resources in-country. In order to facilitate independent research, Hartwick College offers students the chance to compete for the Duffy Family Ambassador Fund Scholarships There are other exciting opportunities overseas, such as working in a laboratory at a European university. International research is rewarding and interesting, and it can open the doors to graduate school or employment at a multinational company.

Find more information about Hartwick's scholarship for International Research here:

3. Service Learning

Doing community service in an international context can really open your eyes to different aspects of the culture. Students who volunteer have the chance to give something back to their host country and find the experiences very rewarding.

Students can combine study with volunteer service or go during J Term or summer to work. Many of Hartwick’s affiliates can arrange for service-learning opportunities while you study abroad. Other organizations dedicate themselves to placing college students in international volunteer situations.

Some programs may qualify for funding under an Emerson Scholarship. Please visit the Office of Global Education in Golisano, 1st floor, for more information.


September 20: Gilman, Gilman McCain, Boren Award, Critical Language Scholarship Application

October 1: Semester-long study abroad application for Spring 2023

November 15: Emerson and Duffy scholarship applications for January 2023

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