Study Abroad Process

How to apply for study abroad programs - step by step.

First steps:

1. Interest Form

The Study Abroad Interest Form will help the Office of Global Education offer you a better guidance to find a study abroad program that best suits your interests and academic goals.

2. Meetings

Schedule a meeting with the Office of Global Education and let us help and guide you along the process. You will also need to schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to settle your academic goals and design a plan to achieve them.
Contact your individual advisors to schedule an appointment and use Navigate to schedule a meeting or email

3. Decisions

Take a look at Hartwick’s partnerships and study abroad programs and decide on one of them. To find more information about our study abroad programs visit the Go Abroad page.

4. Applications

Hartwick College offers multiple scholarships for students wanting to study abroad, and other federal or external scholarships may apply too. Visit the off-campus Scholarships page to find out more information about scholarships.
Finally, apply for your chosen study abroad program.

If you are travelling….

... with Hartwick faculty:

Meet with your Program Director about
pre-departure assignments and procedures.

... on your own:

Meet with Financial Aid & Students Accounts
to confirm all your balances.

Financial Aid

Students travelling abroad need to meet with Financial Aid before their departure to make sure that all their balances are in order. Visit their Office on the second floor of Bresee or email them at

Final steps:

1. Attend the pre-departure orientation

Participation in any international study abroad program requires mandatory attendance to the pre-departure orientation.

2. Prepare for departure

To prepare for departure you should take into account the duration of your stay abroad, the weather conditions and the different cultural norms that you will encounter.

3. Participate in our photo contest

The Department of Global Education has a Photo Contest where students studying abroad can upload their best photos and compete for different prizes.


Visit the Photo Contest page to learn more.

4. Attend the re-entry workshop

This is a joint program between Global Education and Career services to help students learn how to communicate and contextualize their international experience.


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