Photo Courtesy of Abigail Wetsel

International Photo Contest

This year, we received over 60 submissions for our international photo contest, and the winners are proudly displayed here!

2024 Finalists - First Place

Art & Architecture

Skyline of Sevilla, Spain

Kalissa Zaikoff '26

Location: Sevilla, Spain

Description: ​​My favorite place in Sevilla, beautiful structures surrounded by talent of musicians and dancers.

Judges’ Comment: The overall balance is great and the color is so vibrant. And the reflection of the building on the river is also wonderful.

Local Culture

Rinzai Zen temple, Kyoto Japan

Wei Wei Zhang, Associate Professor of Business Administration

Location: Rinzai Zen temple, Kyoto Japan

Judges’ Comment: Excellent use of color, structure, balance and depth. The trees framed by the cut out in the wall really draws the eye into the photo.

Natural World

Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

Amanda Bryla '26

Location: Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

Judges’ Comment: This photo captures the depth and magnitude of the mountains.

Second Place

In Each Category

Westminster Abbey, London

Art & Architecture - Ella Rojas '26

Location: London, UK

Description: Evening walks along Westminster Abbey

Judges’ Comment: Captured the beauty and wonder of the building and the sky. Interesting angle. Taking the picture from below makes buildings more wonderful.

Creative crafts seen in the beautiful blue streets of Chefchaouen in Morocco

Local Culture - Runyararo Chaora '26

Location: Chefchaouen, Morocco

Description: In the Streets of Chefchaouen: A glimpse of the creative crafts seen in the beautiful blue streets of Chefchaouen in Morocco.

Judges’ Comment: I really like the vibrant blue all over the picture. The composition is perfect because this picture has depth and The ornaments placed on the stairs one by one are really adorable.

Close-up view of the eye on a South African crocodile

Natural World - Makenna Ventuleth '27

Location: South Africa

Description: A close-up view of the eye on a South African crocodile

Judges’ Comment: This photo was very surprising. The overall composition and details of the crocodile skin are perfect.

Third Place

In Each Category

Tunisian red national flags contrasted against the cloudless sky is captivating to the eye.

Art & Architecture - John Reichel '26

Location: Kasbah Square, Tunisia

Judges’ Comment: The red of national flags contrasted against the cloudless sky is captivating to the eye.

Men dancing wearing traditional dress in Veyane Cultural Village St.Lucia

Local Culture - Amanda Bryla '26

Location: Veyane Cultural Village St.Lucia

Judges’ Comment: The best part of this picture is the dynamic movement of two men who are dancing.

Stairs with lights and the beautiful night sky in Spain

Natural World - Alexander Stanton '25

Location: Spain

Judges’ Comment: The unique stairs and the beautiful night sky make this photo very romantic.

People's Choice

In Each Category

The Big Ben in London, England

Art & Architecture - Jas Stuchel '25

Location: London, UK
Description: The Big Ben

12th Night Celebration bonfire in Iceland

Local Culture - Libby Parody '26

Location: Iceland
Description: Þrettándahátíð. Participating in the 12th Night Celebration like little kids with swords that were lit on fire (you can see a sword in the photo). At the event, fireworks are lit, bonfires are lit, music is played, food markets are open, and, of course, drinking until dawn is allowed in Icelandic tradition. This event is to chase the elves back to the mountains.

Zermatt Switzerland Mountain covered in snow

Natural World - John Reichel '26

Location: Switzerland
Description: Zermatt Switzerland


2023 Finalists

Pigeon at the Colosseum by Wesley Bruce '25

Local Culture

1st Prize, Wesley Bruce ’25

Pigeon at the Colosseum

Rome, Italy

Description: This is a shot of a fairly chunky pigeon resting on the ledge of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. The pigeon was healthily sized and seemed to flaunt its wing upright in a prideful position. While initially amused at its size, I thought it was ironic seeing a fat bird sit comfortably on the ledge of a structure where men fought, not only for pride but for their lives! I thumb-wrestled my brother whilst inside just to say I competed whilst inside the structure…the stakes weren’t exactly as high but it’s something!

Judges’ Comment: “The scale of the bird in relation to the ruins is…very interesting. The bird becomes monumental!”

Natural World

1st Prize, Mark Wolff

Fleurs de Goree


Judges’ Comment: "The use of the repeating lines of flowers above the walkers' heads does a wonderful job of bringing the viewer into the photograph while also filling the frame with the wild variety of plant life located in the area."


1st Prize, Lillian Whelan '23

Széchenyi Thermal Baths

Budapest, Hungary

Description: Széchenyi Thermal Baths in Budapest Hungary. These baths are warm year round and are built under a thermal spring. Citizens and tourists can enjoy these baths and it was an amazing experience hearing all different languages while swimming amongst people of all global identities.

Judge’s Comment: “The intimacy of the people in such a public space is very nice.”

2023 Honorable Mentions

Giant's Causeway Natural World Honorable Mention - Abigail Wetsel

Natural World Honorable Mention

Giant’s Causeway
Abigail Wetsel

Brains Natural World Honorable Mention - Simon Lowe

Natural World Honorable Mention

Simon Lowe

Self Portrait Local Culture Honorable Mention - Jasmin Ahmed

Local Culture Honorable Mention

Jasmin Ahmed

Mirrored Gardens Local Culture Honorable Mention - Shamalia T. Robinson

Local Culture Honorable Mention

Mirrored Gardens
Shamalia T. Robinson

The Duomo Architecture Honorable Mention - Samantha Gauthier

Architecture Honorable Mention

The Duomo
Samantha Gauthier

Met Museum Architecture Honorable Mention - Hilda Oduya

Architecture Honorable Mention

The Met Museum
Hilda Oduya