Off-Campus Scholarships & Fellowships

For more than 30 years, Hartwick College has been committed to helping students experience the life-changing power of off-campus study.

A variety of J Term Scholarships help our students build global and cultural understanding through study abroad. Many Hartwick students experience global perspectives for the first time through these opportunities, and many take advantage of them during their first year. Our alumni say these transformative experiences would not have been possible without the support of fellowships and scholarships from Hartwick.

Emerson and Duffy scholarships assist students who are interested in international internships or research. The Mehri Global Pluralism Fellowship supports students in bringing awareness about the issues of our interdependent world to campus. Many other competitive scholarships are available to help Hartwick students experience the world first-hand.

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Off-Campus J Term Scholarships

Emerson Foundation International Intership Scholarship

Duffy Family Ambassador Fund Scholarship

Cyrus Mehri ’83 Global Pluralism Fellowship