January Term Programs

Graphic Map of World with Hartwick J Term Destinations Since 2012
Every January term (popularly known as J Term) Hartwick faculty take small groups of students to off-campus study destinations within the U.S. or to international destinations where they spend time as a class studying at fascinating locations.

Each Spring, we publish a list of program offerings for the year. Faculty organize interest meetings to share details of their courses and answer questions from students prior to registration.

The courses below are accepting applications for J Term 2023 on a rolling basis.

  • Senegal: Art and Culture in West Africa (many spots available)
  • Bahamas: Island Biogeography (many spots available)


Registering for J Term Off-Campus courses

Applications for 2023 Off-Campus J Term Programs will be reviewed on a rolling basis until September 30, 2022.

Register for a J Term Off-campus program. 

Application Process

Before you apply, make sure you’ve read the Important Dates, Information and Policies section on the website.

  1. After you apply, print the Confirmation Email and use it as the cover sheet for your application.
  2. Print, sign, and initial the Conditions for Participation, Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement, and Financial Agreement form that have been emailed to you. A parent or guardian also needs to sign. A copy of the form has also been emailed to your parents/guardians. Parents/guardians can fax/scan in their signatures to Hartwick at the address below, while you should submit your signature on a separate copy of the form.
  3. Photocopy your ID – for international programs, please photocopy your passport or proof of passport application; for domestic programs, and please photocopy your driver’s license or state-issued ID.
  4. Compile the four parts above and submit to the Office of Global Education (Golisano Hall, first floor) by the deadline.

Once you submit your complete application to the Office of Global Education, the Program Director will review your application. You may receive questions regarding your application from the Program Director or a request from the Program Director to meet in person.

Only students with complete applications and who meet the necessary conduct and behavior requirements will be accepted into a program. After the deadline, you will receive an official email notifying you of your status in the course. This email will also explain how to make your deposit to the Office of Student Accounts (Bresee Hall, 2nd Floor). The College reserves the right to revoke a student’s privilege to participate in off-campus study should the student’s behavior, following completion of the application process, be such that representing the college abroad would no longer be acceptable.

For your benefit, we suggest that you make and save a copy of your application.

Key Deadlines for Off-Campus J Term Programs:

Category  Due Date (Fall 2022 Cycle)
J Term Program Complete Application September 30, 2022
$500 Deposit October 7, 2022
Full Payment October 15, 2022

For programs with available spaces, there will be a fall application season. Incoming first-year students are particularly encouraged to apply at that time.


All required forms are available to you through the online application process. For signatures, the forms are mailed to you, and if you wish, your parent/guardian. For your convenience, the forms are also located at the links below:

Requirement Form
Required Form for Initial Application Conditions for Participation, Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement and Financial Agreement
Required Form After Acceptance into a Program Online Medical Information and Release Form

This is due only after you are accepted into a program, but it is required in order to pay your program deposit.

Independent Travel Before or After a Program Independent Travel Form

If you choose to travel independent from your Off-Campus J Term group before or after the program, you need to fill out the form below. Please consult with your Program Director and the Office of Global Education before making independent travel plans.

Important Information and Policies

Below you will find the policies for Hartwick College’s January Term Off-Campus Programs. Be sure to read all policies carefully. When you apply, please make sure to read the Conditions for Participation, Assumption of Risk, and Financial Agreement as some information is not duplicated below.

(If you have any questions, please contact The Office of Global Education in Golisano Hall, at 607-431-4422 or globaleducation@hartwick.edu.)

Program Fee
Expenses Included in the Program Fee
Expenses Not Included in the Program Fee
Program and Deposit
Making Payments
Financial Assistance
Withdrawal and Refund Policy
Hartwick College Alcohol Policy
Hartwick College Drug Policy
Trip Cancellation Insurance
Medical Insurance Coverage
Passport Photos
Credits and Grades for Hartwick Students
Board and Credit Fee Reduction
Contact the Office of Global Education and Service Learning

Program Fee

Students who enroll in an Off-Campus J Term program pay a program fee to cover the costs of the program. Fees are estimated in advance and are subject to change based on unforeseeable circumstances such as fluctuating currencies, increased airfares, fuel surcharges, and general inflation. If a change to the program fee is required, students will be notified and have two weeks from the notification date or until the last day of classes – whichever is shorter – to pay.

Please note: Out of fairness to other students, failure to pay the $500 deposit and the full program fee by the indicated deadline will result in the student’s removal from the program. At that time, students from the waitlist will be reconsidered for acceptance into the program.

Expenses Generally Included in the Program Fee

  • Please make sure to consult the program webpage and the Program Directors to confirm the exact details of what’s included in the program fee. The fee usually includes:
  • Round-trip airfare from the program-specified U.S. gateway airport including all departure taxes, passenger facility charges, and any applicable airport departure taxes and/or program-related ground transportation as indicated by course itinerary
  • Lodging
  • Most meals; some meals may be the responsibility of the participant. The program director will inform accepted participants if this is the case
  • Museum entrances and other course-related activity fees
  • Study-abroad medical insurance for students traveling overseas

Expenses Not Included in the Program Fee

  • Transportation from the participant’s home to the gateway airport and return
  • Fees for deviations from group airline reservations and accommodations (e.g., travel dates, single room) – please note that missing a group airline flight could mean paying for a replacement ticket personally.
  • Passport or visa services or services to obtain other required travel documents (Please confirm with your Program Director, as some programs do include this in the Program Fee)
  • Immunizations
  • Any costs incurred by reason of absence or deviation from the program for any reason whatsoever, including medical emergencies, transportation delays, or legal situations
  • Trip cancellation insurance

Acceptance Into an Off-Campus J Term Program and Deposit

Applicants who submit a complete application (submission of signed required application forms) by the deadline and earn the Program Director’s approval will be provisionally accepted into the program contingent upon receipt of the Online Medical Information and Release Form and payment of the program deposit. The parent or guardian will receive a copy of the acceptance letter by email or regular post office mail. Approved applicants will receive notice via campus mail and email. Once a student is accepted into a program, she/he must submit the Online Medical Information and Release Form in order for their application to be considered complete and for them to be able to pay the program deposit.

Off-Campus J Term acceptance communications will detail the responsibilities of participants and request that a non-refundable $500 deposit be submitted to Student Accounts immediately to reserve the applicant’s place in the program. Students are not considered accepted into a program until the $500 deposit is received by the date indicated in the acceptance letter.

Once this deposit is received, students will be fully accepted into a program and the balance of the program fees will be billed to their student account. Spring admits will be billed fall tuition (August); fall admits, space permitting, will be billed in October.

Please note: A student’s entire Hartwick College balance (including all off-campus program fees) must be paid by the final deadline in order to be eligible for participation in an off-campus program.

Making a Deposit & Payments

All payments must be made at or mailed to the Office of Student Accounts located in Bresee Hall, 2nd Floor.

  • Please pay the $500 program deposit by the deadline ($200 of the $500 deposit is non-refundable) to the Office of Student Accounts. Receipt of the deposit will indicate full acceptance status and inclusion in travel arrangements.
  • Payments can be made by cash or check at the office or online. The Hartwick College website (Office of Student Accounts) gives you the option to pay with a credit card (2.95% charge) or to transfer funds from your checking or savings account ($1.50 fee). Please indicate your name and the Off-Campus J Term program.
  • Checks should be made payable to “Hartwick College” and also should indicate “Off-Campus J Term” and the program location on the memo line of the check. The balance of the program fee will be charged to your fall tuition bill in early August. For deposits made after the Spring Deadline, full payment is due in early October.

Financial Assistance

There are a limited number of Hartwick scholarships available for off-campus J Term courses. Given the ratio of applicants to scholarships, this is a very competitive process, and students should not count on receiving this financial assistance. Students must apply for an Off-Campus J Term Scholarship to be considered.

Students seeking other financial assistance for off-campus January Term programs should contact the Financial Aid Office at 607-431-4130. Loan options are available to students and their parents to cover these program costs.

Please note that although the initial $500 deposit fee may be included as part of your loan budget, these funds will not be made available to you until a later date. The Financial Aid Office will not include J Term costs in your budget or certify a loan until the initial $500 deposit is paid. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 607-431-4130 or finaid@hartwick.edu for more information about loan options.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Students who decide to withdraw from an off-campus program must do so by submitting a Withdrawal Form, available online. No refunds will be issued without this form. Withdrawals are effective the day the form reaches the Office of Global Education. Please note, the form indicates acceptance of the following:

  • If the withdrawal is effective prior to September 30, 2022, I will receive $300 of the deposit, if already paid, according to the deposit refund policy above.
  • If the withdrawal is effective between September 30 and November 1, 2022, I will be responsible for 30% of the program fee, including any adjustments as described above.
  • If the withdrawal is effective between November 2 and December 1, 2022, I will be responsible for 50% of the program fee, including any adjustments as described above.
  • If the withdrawal is effective between December 2, 2022 and the first day of the course, I will be responsible for 75% of the program fee, including any adjustments as described above.
  • If I withdraw or leave the program for any reason on or after the scheduled departure date, no portion of the program fee will be refunded and any expenses incurred by me to return home are my sole responsibility, and not the College’s.
  • In all cases, the College will apply amounts previously paid toward my obligation and will bill me the remaining amount due (or issue a credit where applicable).
  • When I return from a Program, no refund is possible.

Hartwick College Alcohol Policy

While the majority of states in the U.S. require individuals to be at least 21 to legally consume alcohol, many other countries have set their minimum age requirements below 21, and the legal age varies widely depending on the country. Some countries have no drinking age laws while others prohibit all alcohol consumption.

This variability has the potential to confuse U.S. students studying abroad, particularly if their international experiences include stays in more than one country. To complicate matters, alcohol is generally much more accessible overseas, and some of it is more potent. However, it is not uncommon in other countries for older children to drink a beer or have a glass of wine among family members or in a social setting. The expectation in many countries is that alcohol is consumed responsibly and in moderation.

Hartwick’s on-campus alcohol policy, based upon the legal drinking age of 21, will remain in effect during all domestic off-campus programs. For international programs, additional provisions apply. These provisions establish the in-country laws as determining the applicable legal drinking age. Hartwick students must abide by the legal drinking age in the country or countries in which the program is occurring. Students who are not of legal drinking age in country, and those who otherwise violate the policies described below, will be sanctioned as specified in this document and in course syllabi which may specify more restrictive policies.

Hartwick College Drug Policy

Hartwick College has a zero-tolerance policy regarding the possession, use, manufacture, purchase, exchange, distribution, or sale of illicit drugs by faculty, staff, and students participating in a College-sponsored off-campus program. Ignorance of this policy is no excuse for its violation, and violation of this policy will result in swift sanctions, up to and including dismissal from the program and the College.

In the case of prescription medication, students or program leaders with a pre-existing medical condition must keep on their person a letter from their physician describing the medical condition and any prescribed medications, including generic names. Prescription medication should be kept in the pharmacy container and should be clearly labeled. Prior to departure, all travelers should consult the foreign embassy of their destination country to ensure that the specific medication is permitted and is not banned as an illegal narcotic. Embassy and consulate information may be found on the U.S. Department of State’s website .


Travel information is given by each program director and also can be found on the D2L site that is provided for all students accepted into an off-campus J Term program.

Important: Prior to receiving any immunizations, please make sure to confirm that your health insurance will cover the costs.

Perrella Health Center highly recommends that students refer to the CDC website for further information on travel destination.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip cancellation insurance is a safeguard against unforeseen events such as family matters, personal illness, world events, etc., which could keep a student from participating in a program.

Hartwick College recommends that students protect their investment in the program by buying trip cancellation insurance. The College does not endorse or promote any specific company or policy.

For more information, contact:

Medical Insurance Coverage

Hartwick College requires all individuals participating in an off-campus program to have health, accident, and hospitalization insurance. In addition, students going overseas are covered by a special study abroad insurance policy that includes coverage for expenses relating to sickness, injury, medical evacuation, accidental death, and repatriation.


Students participating in an international off-campus program must submit a new, readable photocopy of their passport to the Office of Global Education to complete the application. Passports must have an expiration date of July 1, 2023 or later.

If a student does not have a passport or will need to renew it, she or he should review the procedures on the U.S. Department of State website and apply early, as requests may take up to three months to process.

Please note: Passport information is often required for the booking of international travel arrangements, so it is imperative that students submit their passport information in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility.

Passport Photos

Passport photos (2″ x 2″) can be obtained at Walmart and many of the pharmacy chain stores.

Credits and Grades for Hartwick Students

Off-campus programs during January Term typically carry four credits and a grade. Many courses satisfy the Experiential Learning requirement of the Liberal Arts in Practice Curriculum.

Board Credit and Fee Reduction

Students living on or off campus who are enrolled in a weekly board plan will receive a board credit for the duration of the time they are off campus participating in a Hartwick College January Term program. Block plans do not qualify for board credit. Certain programs for which board expenses at the host site are subsidized are excluded from this credit provision. Students should inquire at the Office of Student Accounts for specifics regarding the amount of their individual credit.


Office of Global Education
Hartwick College
1st Floor, Golisano Hall
Oneonta, NY 13820
Email: globaleducation@hartwick.edu
Phone: 607-431-4422

Kaitlin Huemer
Assistant Director of Global Education

Email: huemerk@hartwick.edu
Phone: 607-431-4422