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International students in their own words:

Hartwick’s community is so welcoming and friendly. I love how people on campus make an effort to relate with each other. The faculty and staff are always willing to help out.

Runyararo Chaora '25

International Student from Zimbabwe

We are Hawks - dynamic, agile and ready to soar!

Ankita Bal '22

International Student from India

It's always hard to leave your hometown and go to a new country, but I've found a home away from home at Hartwick College.

Nuria Santos '25

International Student from Spain

I’ve had an amazing time working with everyone at the Office of Global Education and I’m so excited that you’re coming!

Jennifer Diaz '22

Global Ambassador

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Meet the Hartwick International community:

International Student of the month:

Ankita Bal '22

Ankita is an international student from Kolkata, India. She started her undergraduate journey at Hartwick College in the Fall of 2018 as a three-year biology major but now, she is graduating with a BS in biochemistry and a minor in Spanish with Honors. Ankita will be working as a research technician at the Jaitovich Lab under Albany Medical College starting in June. She plans on pursuing higher education in a similar field. Ankita’s advice for incoming international students is to ‘branch out’.

On-campus Events:

Taste of the World

Last fall Semester our international students submitted their favorite recipes from their respective countries and Hartwick’s food service prepared meals and desserts from over 7 different countries around the world. We had food from Brazil, Georgia, Spain, Italy, Nigeria, Hawai’i and Mexico.

Happy Holi

In March of 2022 Hartwick students celebrated the Holi festival by throwing colored powders and eating traditional Indian snacks at Stack Lounge. We also listened to Indian music and had an international student from India to explain Hartwick students the interesting facts about the food and the celebration.

Karaoke Night

This spring semester Hartwick students celebrated a karaoke night with music from everywhere around the world. Some international students also volunteered to do some cultural exhibitions and dances from their home countries.

Off-campus events:

Hartwick Students in front of the Capitol in Washington DC

Washington DC

During the spring break of 2022, the Office of Global Education planned a 5-day trip to Washington DC with 8 international students.

They had the opportunity to do multiple tours and guided visits in Washington DC. Their favorite activities were a walking tour inside the Capitol, visiting George Washington’s house in Mt. Vernon, and entering the library of Congress.


During the fall semester of 2021 Hartwick College organized a day trip to Philadelphia and some of our international students joined in.

They drove from Oneonta to Philadelphia on a school bus and they had free time to visit the city and do shopping on their own.

Hartwick Students at the Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Hartwick college organized a day trip to the Niagara Falls during the fall semester of 2019. Students had the opportunity to travel to upstate New York and visit the largest waterfall in North America, as well as one of the most popular touristic attractions of the United States.

Office of Global Education

Noah Goldblatt, Ed.D.

Director of Global Education

Sarah Busche

Assistant Director of Global Education

Runyararo Chaora ’25

Global Education Student Assistant

Ansh Budhwar ’23

Global Education International Innovation Institute Intern

Nuria Santos ‘25

Global Education Marketing Intern

Tianna Wyskowski ’25

Global Education Student Assistant


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