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International Students Incoming

Welcome to Hartwick!

Congratulations on your enrollment to Hartwick College. The Center for Global Education can’t wait to meet you!

Here are some things that you will want to know:

Before arrival

1. Visa Paperwork

Please make sure you have these documents before arriving to the US:

This document is emailed to you by the Office of Global Education. You will need it in order to apply for the I-90 and for the F-1 Visa. Please make sure you receive it.
After obtaining the I-20 you will have to apply for the I-90 as the next step to getting a F-1 Visa. This document will require you to pay a $350 fee. You can apply for it here.
Valid Passport
Make sure your passport doesn’t expire before your expected graduation year or time of departure from the United States. Apply for a new passport if its expiration date ends before this date.
F-1 Visa
After completing all these steps, you are ready to apply for your F-1 Visa. Plan on start your application with time, since you will need to do an interview at the Embassy of the United States in your country and this scheduling might take longer than expected.

The Visa application is a long and complicated process. The Office of Global Education is here to help you throughout the process. Please do not doubt on contacting us at globaleducation@hartwick.edu with any problems or questions.

2. Fill out Hartwick's financial forms

To begin with, you will have to pay the matriculation fee to ensure your place at Hartwick College and to get access to all the other services that Hartwick offers. You will also need to fill out the financial responsibility form.

3. Fill out Hartwick's health forms and get health insurance

All incoming Hartwick students will need to fill out Hartwick College required health forms by July 15. Full-time Hartwick students are required to have health insurance. Visit Hartwick’s Health Center website or contact them at healthcenter@hartwick.edu to find more information about this.

4. Next steps

You will have to fill out other forms like the housing application form, course planning guide, the placement exams, and transcripts submission. To see the deadlines and links to the different forms revise your email and check the page linked below.

5. Meet the Global Ambassadors

Our Global Ambassadors will contact new international students and you will have the opportunity to speak to a current student at Hartwick. This is a great way to learn more about Hartwick and about campus life. Do not doubt on asking them any questions or tips to get ready before your arrival on campus, they are here to help you!


Airport Pick-Up

The Center for Global Education arranges Pick-Ups for international students arriving at Albany International Airport (ALB) in Albany, NY. There will be people at the airport to greet you and bring you to campus! To let us know that you need transportation from the airport, please fill out this shuttle request.

Phone Plan

You do not need get any special international phone plan. The Center for Global Education provides international students with SIM cards that work with every phone. Once you have your SIM card, you will be able to choose your own phone plan with the company we work with.


All international students will participate in an international orientation before other students arrive. This will be a combination of fun, team-building activities and informational sessions to help you prepare for success at Hartwick. A schedule with the activities will be provided to you before your arrival on campus.


Clubs on Campus

Hartwick College celebrates the diversity of our campus. The campus community, including staff, professors and students, has diversity in terms of gender, race, ethnicity and religion. As a result of this, many international clubs have been created in the last years.
Hartwick College counts with an International Club, the African Student Association club, the Latinos Unidos club and the Asian Culture Club under other clubs and organizations. Visit Hartlink to learn more about all the clubs and organizations at Hartwick College.

The Center for Global Education

The Center for Global Education supports international students throughout their entire journey at Hartwick College. We provide services and guidance to help international students with any problems or doubts they might have during their stay at Hartwick. Every year we organize events and off-campus programs for international students and other students.
if you want to learn more about the services of the Center for Global Education for international students on campus visit the page for current international students linked below.

Contact us at globaleducation@hartwick.edu if you have any questions!