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The Office of Global Education offers constant services and events for international students throughout their time at Hartwick College:

Advising services

Immigration status

The Office of Global Education will help you with any doubts or problems concerning your immigration status. If you plan on travelling inside the United States or on leaving the country for a specific period of time, you should contact us at to receive advice and guidance on how to manage your immigration status.

Note: If you are leaving the United States plan that you will need to have a signature in your I-20 from Kaitlin Huemer or Dr. Suppes Sagasti that is not older than a year when you return to the United States.

Academic support

We offer academic support for international and local students that want to study abroad. We will help you establish your goals and advice you on how to achieve them. Additionally, we help students that have been studying abroad or that want to study abroad, to manage their classes and credits.

Study Abroad and Scholarships

The Office of Global Education offers advising services for any student wanting to study abroad. We will help you find a program that fits your interests, arrange the necessary paperwork, help you with your applications, and help you in the process of finding, applying and getting a scholarship.

Work and Taxes in the United States

Working on campus

International students on a F-1 Visa can not exceed the 20-hours of work per week maximum that was established by the US government. Additionally, when looking for a job on campus, you will need to make sure that the job is a departmental job, and not part of the federal work-study program.

Working off-campus

Most of the time international students holding a F-1 Visa are not allowed to work off-campus. The only exceptions are if you are doing CPT (Curricular Practical Training) or OPT (Optional Practical Training). CPT is a job experience that figures as a requirement to complete your major. OPT is a job experience that is related to your major and adds a valuable experience to it. For both programs you will need to fulfill some requirements and fill out paperwork.

The Office of Global Education helps you in the process of finding a program suitable to you and you major and in the filling of the paperwork. Contact us at or make an appointment in Navigate.

Tax support

International students, exchange students, and any other student holding a visa in the United States is required to fill out taxes, whether they earned money while being in the US or they didn’t.

To help our students in the process of filling out the taxes, we have partnered with the Department of Finance at Hartwick College and every year we hold a tax workshop for international students.



The Office of Global Education organizes multiple events during the academic year to celebrate and bring different cultures, food, music and celebrations to Hartwick College. Visit Hartlink to learn more about upcoming events on campus.


Every academic year the Office of Global Education organizes one or two events off-campus. For example, this past spring break 8 international students took a 5-trip to Washington DC, where they did multiple tours and visited the inside of the Capitol.


During the academic year, the Office of Global Education organizes multiple workshops for international and local Hartwick students.


End of the year services

Airport Shuttle

The Office of Global Education organizes shuttles to the Albany airport and the Albany Rensselaer train station at the end and beginning of every academic year. Please fill out this form by May 9th to request a shuttle.

Airport Shuttle Request
Summer Strorage

Hartwick College provides free summer storage to international students in Hilltop House and Oyaron House. Please fill out this form by May 9th to request a time to put your belongings into storage.

Summer Storage Form

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