History Mission & Goals

Our Mission

The Hartwick history program is dedicated to teaching students to “do” history. As they progress through the major, our students develop the interpretive and expressive skills needed to understand the relationship between societies, ideas, and events of the past and those of the world we live in today.

History Major & Minor

Our Goals

We strive to ignite in all history majors the joys of historical discovery that starts with a meaningful question about the past – whether about one’s own family ties to Cuba or a general curiosity about the Reformation in Europe or the U.S. Civil Rights movement. Hartwick history majors develop five core skills that help them achieve meaningful answers to their questions. They learn to construct a clear, historical argument or that can be tested with evidence, and to analyze that evidence in its appropriate historical context. They learn to compare differing historical accounts of the past and evaluate what may have influenced historians to arrive at different conclusions about the same events. And because history is a communal activity that connects the individual researcher to many broader communities, students learn to communicate their ideas effectively in written and spoken forms.