Recruiting Services

Hartwick’s Career Development staff personally coordinate recruiting.

Thank you for considering students from Hartwick College to meet your internship and hiring needs. To help you navigate the best way to promote your opportunities, please consider the following options to maximize your recruiting efforts.

Online Recruiting

Our online Career Service database, WICKWorks (Powered by Purple Briefcase), is top-of-the-line. Specifically built to engage college-age users, it is bright, to the point, and easy to navigate. Students can explore opportunities and utilize the platform to send resumes directly to you in a no-fuss manner. To gain access to the online site, send internship and job descriptions to

We all know that this is a mobile and digital generation. In addition to WICKWorks, our staff circulate on social media, which has a broad reach.

Additionally, opportunities are marketed to specific relevant departments electronically and during class time.

Recruiting On Campus

Information Sessions

Hosting group information session allows you to promote your organization specifically to majors in your field. The structure is up to you. For example, it might be a presentation or a question-and-answer session. These can be inside or outside the classroom. This has proven to be an effective recruiting step at Hartwick. Career Development staff will assist you in scheduling dates and facilitating other services such as catering, media, and technology needs, and on-campus advertisement.

On-Campus Interviews

Career Development provides employers and students with on-campus, private, and pre-arranged multi-candidate interview opportunities. Employers have access to conference rooms for one-on-one interviews. Hartwick is also equipped with video, web, and teleconferencing equipment for distance interviewing.

Internship and Career EXPO

Hartwick has welcomed more than 60 regional and national partners and trafficked almost a quarter of the student body.

As you know, it is essential to gain visibility and engage with students directly. By interacting with more than 100 students in only a few hours, you exponentially increase your chances of finding the right candidate and can reduce your recruiting timeframe.

Register now and reserve your spot at this important recruiting event.

Career Development staff are here to support you with your selection process. In addition to the services listed above, we partner with faculty to provide direct input on candidates from those who know the students best.

Come and recruit. Come to network with potential business partners.

To be certain you are added to next year’s invitation list, send a quick email to

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