Riddell State Park Collaborative

In 2008, Hartwick College sold the 840-acre Upper Tract of its Pine Lake Environmental Campus to the State of New York as an addition to the then-newly established Robert V. Riddell State Park (RVRSP).

The park, at nearly 2,400 acres, now extends from the Pine Lake campus to the north side of Interstate 88 at the Cooperstown interchange.

In 2010, Hartwick faculty and staff began an innovative research and education collaboration with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation (OPRHP). Our mutual goal was to develop a public-private partnership that would establish studies and monitor the long-term effects of human use on the biological and ecological integrity of recreational lands. Such information would be an invaluable tool for public lands managers in setting priorities that consider both human and ecological systems.

To learn more about Robert V. Riddell State Park, adjacent to Hartwick College’s Pine Lake Environmental Campus, please visit the NYS Parks’ webpage.