Study Abroad FAQ

Q: When can I study abroad (off-campus)?
A: You can begin planning an off-campus program as early as January Term your first year. For longer-term programs, students go as early as their sophomore year. You may study for a semester, fall or spring, or for the entire year.

Q: What are the requirements?
A: Requirements vary by program, but for many programs you would need a minimum GPA of a 2.7 or higher for your application to be considered. You cannot be on academic probation or disciplinary probation at the time you apply. Additional requirements might include language proficiency, course prerequisites, or a higher GPA.

Q: How do I know which program is best suited for me?
A: Start the planning process early. Talk with your advisor, with your family, and with other students who have studied off campus. Research your program options and gather information either online, or stop by our offices on the first floor of Golisano Hall and we will assist you with your search. Consider what your goals are for studying off campus. Does the program have the courses you are looking for? Is location more important to you? If you start the planning process early enough (we recommend at least a year in advance of when you want to go), the program you choose will likely be the best program for you.

Q: Can I study off-campus for a full year? How about two different programs?
A: It is certainly possible to study off-campus for a full year. If you are considering this option and looking at two different programs, perhaps in two separate countries or locations, keep in mind that you will need to apply to both programs before you leave campus. Be sure you discuss this plan with your advisor to be sure that you will be able to meet your degree requirements while you are off campus. You will need to complete a Study Abroad Application.

Q: What does it cost?
A: Costs for study abroad vary by the program you choose.

Q: Does financial aid apply toward a program off-campus?
A: Typically, for longer term programs, need-based financial aid from Hartwick will remain intact for students who participate in Hartwick-sponsored off-campus programs, affiliated programs, and exchange programs. Pending availability and whether you qualify, additional loan funds may be obtained to cover additional expenses. Typically, any financial aid from Hartwick not based on need (tuition remission, tuition exchange, academic scholarships, and athletic scholarships) will not apply to off-campus programs of any type. Because each student’s financial situation is different, it is important that you confer with the financial aid office as soon as you are at the point of selecting a program.

Q: When should I apply to my program?
A: Most programs require you to apply the semester prior to the start of the program. Some programs are more competitive or popular and will fill up more quickly, so you should plan to apply sooner. If you are planning to study off campus for fall semester, you should apply early in the spring semester prior. Likewise for students planning to study off campus for spring semester, apply at the beginning of fall semester prior.

Q: Do I need a visa and where do I get one?
A: Your program sponsor will notify you if a visa is required for your program. Obtaining a visa can be a lengthy process, so don’t delay. Coordinate with your program sponsor for the necessary guidelines and documents.

Q: Where can I get passport photos taken?
A: The National Passport Agency requires that all photos submitted with the passport application be of specific quality and size. Therefore, snapshots or cut-out photos are not acceptable. You can obtain passport quality photos from local merchants, such as your local post office, Walmart, or many of the major pharmacy chains.