Summer Abroad

Summer is a great time to travel and discover new things, let us enhance your experience!

Summer abroad

While many students choose to study abroad during the academic year, summer is a great opportunity to have unique experiences too. Summer programs are more varied and offer students the opportunity to go abroad while doing an internship, independent research, service learning, or course work towards your degree. The dates and duration of these programs are more flexible, allowing students to better fit them in their calendar.

Hartwick Students diving with dolphins
Hartwick Student and a llama in Peru
Hartwick students at the beach

Where can I find a summer program?

1. On your own

Maybe you know somebody that wants to offer you an internship abroad. Maybe you want to do your independent research in a specific country. Maybe you are interested in a study abroad program that you have heard of.
Whatever your case is, Hartwick will support you and help you in the process.

2. See our featured programs

The Center for Global Education has connections around the globe to offer Hartwick students a selection of summer programs abroad. Take a look below and see if you find any of them interesting.


Featured Programs

3. Take a look at our partnered agencies

API, ISA and Kaya are companies that offer multiple summer programs abroad.


Whatever program you choose, Hartwick offers scholarships to help students pay for their summer programs.

Students can apply for the Emerson Scholarship (up to 7.000$) or the Duffy Scholarship.

Netherlands: Duffy Fellowship in Business Research

Location: Hanze University, Groningen, Netherlands

Dates: June 24th, 2024 – July 17th, 2024

Type of program: Research (4 credits), Duffy Fellowship

Duration: 3 1/2 weeks

Highlights: Studies in qualitative research and sustainable business practice; visit local businesses; explore the cities of Amsterdam, Holland, Cologne, Ghent, and Brussels.

Deadline: March 15th, 2024

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