Exploratory Students Advising Services

Many high-achieving high school students come to college without having settled on a major because they have several fields of interest and are not ready to select just one.

It makes you no less serious about your education, and it places no limits on your chances for success in college or beyond. Nearly 25% of new students begin college as exploratory.

All students have until the second semester of sophomore year to declare a major. This gives you time and space to explore options, take elective courses, learn more about yourself, meet students and faculty members in various departments, and make sound decisions about your major. Please contact Coordinator of Academic and Pre-Professional Advising Joe Ficano with questions or to make an appointment (ficanoj@hartwick.edu).

Timeline for Choosing a Major

This table is to help you stay on track to declare a major by the second semester of your sophomore year.

First Year

  • Research various majors and careers by taking courses in majors and visiting Career Development and the Advising Office
  • Take MBTI Self-Assessment
  • Volunteer or work in a field of interest
  • Job shadow through Career Development
  • Attend workshops and programs sponsored by¬†various departments on campus

Second Year

  • Join clubs and organizations related to interests
  • Narrow possible majors to three
  • Talk to upper level students in various majors to get a feel for various courses and their plans relative to their major after college
  • Network with Hartwick Alumni, see department webpages and Alumni Office
  • Talk to academic and career advisors