Online Course Sharing Consortium

Learn how to sign up for a CIC course

The Council of Independent Colleges Online Course Sharing Consortium

The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) is a membership organization open to small and mid-sized private liberal arts colleges in the US and beyond. One service of the CIC is Acadeum  Courses taken via the CIC Consortium are approved by Hartwick faculty and the Registrar’s Office to be equivalent to Hartwick courses. When grades for courses taken through Acadeum are transferred back to Hartwick College, they are recorded on the student’s transcript with the equivalent Hartwick College course code and name, and the grade is used to calculate the student’s GPA according to Hartwick College policy. If you are a Hartwick student interested in enrolling in an Acadeum course, please follow the directions on this website.



Students must be enrolled at Hartwick College to take courses through the CIC. During the Fall and Spring terms, CIC courses are included in the full-time tuition rate. Courses outside of the consortium may carry an additional fee. Students may take no more than 6 credits in any Fall or Spring term. Further, students may take a maximum of 12 credits through CIC over the course of their undergraduate career. Courses taken during the Summer sessions do not count toward this maximum. The tuition rate for summer CIC courses is equivalent to the  Hartwick College summer course tuition rate.

How to Enroll in a CIC Course

Students: visit the CIC site and search for a course. Note that courses outside of the consortium will likely require you to send an official transcript upon completion of the course, may carry an additional fee, and are subject to approval by the institution offering the course.

If you intend to satisfy major or minor requirements with the course you select, you must request approval from the department chair and the Registrar’s Office. If the course is for elective or general education credit, you only need to seek Registrar’s Office approval. Use this form to process the approval.

Once your request has been approved by the department chair and/or the Registrar’s Office, we will submit a request to enroll you in the course through the Acadeum Platform. If Acadeum is able to approve your registration, we will notify you that your form has been approved and that you’ve been registered in the course through the CIC.

As the start date for your course approaches, you are responsible for monitoring your Hartwick College email closely, as the offering institution will be contacting you with any steps that are required of you to prepare for the course. If you do not receive information from the CIC institution, or the course begins and you haven’t been able to access online course materials, it is your responsibility to contact the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible so that we can assist you.

When your course is complete, you will either have a grade entered automatically for consortial courses, or you will need to send your transcript to us for non-consortial courses. If you do not know which type of course you’ve enrolled in, you must contact us so we can clarify how your grade will be entered.


Contact the Registrar's Office with questions.