Computer Science Courses

The following is a listing of the courses that students in the computer science major take during their first year of study. 

CISC 118 – Game Programming

Learn to program by learning to program computer games!  The course is taught in the Python computer language, which is actually used in the real world to create computer games.

CISC 120 – Cracking the Code

This is not your typical introduction to programming course.  It starts out with a super cool introduction to logical thinking and problem solving.  When you are comfortable with creating logical solutions the course moves to more conventional programming using Java.  Object-oriented programming is absolutely critical to the development of today’s incredibly complex computer systems.   You will get a firm grounding in Java Programming.  Each student produces an individual programming project at the end of the course.

CISC 225 – Advanced Programming Techniques

This is really the “So you want to be a programmer” class.  After completing the Cracking the Code course, students will take a step back and learn more about the fundamentals of programming.  One of the main ideas of the course is the introduction to programming data structures.  These structures are used by the students to store and manipulate data to improve the efficiency and elegance of their code.

CISC 160 – Database Concepts

In today’s electronic world the standard method of storing and accessing information is through the use of a database.  This class will teach you how to communicate with a database management system in its own specialized language, Structured Query Language or SQL. 

A full list of of department courses can be found in the College Catalog.

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