Statistical Sources

Census Bureau

Census Department homepage providing a variety of statistical data on U.S. population, housing, labor, trade, and economics. Data arranged by subject. Includes a new resource called 1990 Census Lookup, which offers electronic access to parts of almost all of the summary tape files of the 1990 census, including STF3A, STF3B, STF3C, STF3C, STF1A, and STF1C.

Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center
Site offering access to the Federal Justice Statistics Program (FJSP) database, which contains comprehensive information about suspects and defendants processed in each stage of the Federal criminal justice system in a given year.

Gallup Poll Organization
Site includes opinion polls, special reports, trends and social audits provided by the Gallup Organization.

Information Please Almanac
Excerpts and data from the reference publications The Information Please Almanac, The A&E Information Please Entertainment Almanac, The ESPN Information Please Sports Almanac, theColumbia Encyclopedia and the Random House College Dictionary.

National Center for Health Statistics
Large collection of statistical data on U.S. health-related topics. Includes statistical sets on nursing homes, nutrition, hospitals, immunizations, mortality, birth, etc.

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
Statistical data relating to the criminal justice system. Provides information on costs associated with the criminal justice system, results of opinion polls on subjects such as crime, drug use, gun control, etc., arrests, sentencing, juvenile delinquency, prisons, and many other subjects. Maintained by the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center at SUNY-Albany for the Department of Justice.

Statistical Sources (University of Michigan)
Very complete listing of statistical sources on the Internet. Link to resources under the following subjects:
[Agriculture][Business and Industry][Comprehensive Subjects][Cost of Living][Demographics][Economics][Education][Energy] [Finance][Foreign Government Data Sources][Foreign/International Economics] [Foreign Trade] [Government Finances] [Health][Housing][Labor][Military] [Politics][Science] [Sociology][Transportation][Weather]

United Nations Statistics Division
A wealth of statistical information from all countries of the world. Arranged by larger topical categories, most of the data is freely available.