International Service Learning & Internships

Service Learning Abroad

Doing community service in an international context can really open your eyes to different aspects of the culture. Students who volunteer have the chance to give something back to their host country and find the experiences very rewarding.

Students can combine study with volunteer service or go during J Term or summer to work. Many of Hartwick’s affiliates can arrange for service learning opportunities while you study abroad. Other organizations dedicate themselves to placing college students in international volunteer situations.

Check out a sampling of international service learning opportunities below. Some may qualify for funding under an Emerson Scholarship. Please visit the Office of Global Education in PSGE for more information.

Internships Abroad

Many of Hartwick’s study abroad affiliates can arrange internship opportunities for students who study abroad through their programs.

Some students elect to do a part-time internship for a whole semester while taking classes. Students who work in another culture and language tend to get the most out of their international experiences.

Full-time internships overseas can also be arranged; however, because of immigration laws, it is not always possible to be paid. You can compete for one of Hartwick’s Emerson International Internship Scholarships to cover much of the cost.

Check out a sampling of international internship opportunities.


Please visit the Office of Global Education for more information.