Public Health

Overview of the Interdisciplinary Major

As a collective endeavor to promote well-being, public health needs people who can understand health from a variety of perspectives and who are dedicated to promoting and protecting the health of all members of society.

The major in public health brings to bear the interdisciplinary resources of the liberal arts on the challenges of building healthier communities in an increasingly complex and dynamic world. It holistically combines foundational concepts in the science of human health and disease with theories and methods of public health data collection, and an appreciation of the socioeconomic and cultural factors that impact health.

Upon completing a major in public health, students will be prepared for a broad array of career or graduate study opportunities in fields that include epidemiology, biostatistics, health education, health policy, environmental health, emergency preparedness, health communications, consumer health and safety, and community health project management.

Please note: Hartwick College focuses on offering fall, January, and spring term undergraduate courses in person, however circumstances may require us to offer a small number of courses in this department through distance education. In times of emergency, following regulatory guidelines, all classes may temporarily need to be delivered through distance education, including online. We also offer a slate of courses online in the summer to help our students make progress towards their degrees. With support from an academic advisor, students needing particular courses may have other online options as well. If you have questions about the way courses are delivered in your program, please contact your Department or Program Chair.

Exciting Student Outcomes

Hartwick public health students complete internships and independent studies and are well-prepared for employment or graduate school.

Internships & Independent Studies

Medical Internship, Nursery at Clinique La Capitale, Rabat, Morocco
Sharhea Wright Havens ’23

Occupational Health and Safety, Hartwick Campus
Julian Kovacs ’23

Refugee Healthcare, Catholic Charities, Syracuse, NY
Kabulete Pierre ’22

Virtual International Medical Internship, South Africa (with Kaya International)
Adrianna Sullivan ’22

Graduate School

SUNY Binghamton, Master in Public Health Program
Michaela Parker ’22

Yale School of Public Health
William Eger ’19

University at Albany School of Public Health
Laura Agnew ’19


Public Health Educator, Warren County NY
Andrew Crawford ’22

Behavioral Health Department, Langone Health, New York University
Victoria Sacramone ’22

Emergency Department Technician, AO Fox Hospital, Oneonta NY
Laura Dumas ’22

Account Specialist, ClaimFox Inc.,
Albany NY
Samantha Zayas ’22

Considering a major or minor in Public Health?

Here’s what it takes.

Review all the requirements in the College Catalog.

Our approach to public health sets us apart.

You’ll gain an understanding of the complex influences on public health.

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Clinical placements, internships and J Term courses abroad offer public health majors opportunities to put into practice the ideas and methods they have learned in their course work.

Meet our Faculty

Lisle W. Dalton

Professor of Religious Studies and Department Chair, Coordinator of Public Health Program & Honors Program Co-Director

Michelle Budwitz

Assistant Professor of Public Health

Mary Allen

Professor of Biology

Connie Anderson

Professor of Anthropology

Carlena Cochi Ficano

Professor of Economics

Cherilyn Lacy

Professor of History & Assistant Dean of Faculty

Karl Seeley

Professor of Economics and Department Chair
607 431-4628

James Buthman

Associate Professor of Political Science

Kristin Jones

Professor of Economics & Honors Program Co-Director
607 431-4941

Elena Chernyak

Associate Professor of Sociology and Department Chair

Malissa Kano-White

Professor and Director of Theatre Arts

Justin Wellman

Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology Department

Stephanie Carr

Associate Professor of Biology

Joshua Garrett

Assistant Professor of Biology

William Kowalczyk

Assistant Professor of Psychology


Contact Dr. Lisle Dalton, Professor of Religious Studies & Coordinator of Public Health Program