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  • ‘Latin America’; ‘Latin America’ ‘+’ (i.e. Economic conditions; Foreign relations; History; Languages; Politics and government; Social conditions; Women).
  • ‘South America’; ‘South America’ ‘+’ (i.e. Economic conditions; Foreign relations; History; Languages; Politics and government; Social conditions; Women).
  • Quetzalcoatl

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  • Maya Yucatan
  • Voodoo (see also Vodou)
  • Patagonia

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

 Atlas Cultural de México 12 Volumes   REF F1216.5 .A88 1987
Cambridge Encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean  REF F1406 .C36 1992
 Census Records for Latin America and the Hispanic United States   REF CS95 .P56 1998
 Cross-Border Links: A Directory of Organizations in Canada, Mexico, and the United States   REF HS61.A2 C76 1992
Dictionary of Afro-Latin American Civilization   REF F1408.3 .N86 (1980)
 Dictionary of Indian Tribes of the Americas 3 Vols.  REF E54.5 .D53 1993
 Dictionary of Mexican Rulers, 1325-1997  REF F1205 .V34 1997
 Encyclopedia of Indians of the Americas 7 Vols. REF E54.5 .E52 (1974 & 1996)
 Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture 6 Volumes  REF F1406 .E53 2008 
 Encyclopedia of Mexico: History, Society & Culture. 2 Vols.

REF F1210 .E63 1997

 Encyclopedia of World Cultures. 10 Vols. See Vol.7: South America and Vol.8: Central America and the Caribbean  REF GN 550 .E53 1991
 Facts and Artifacts of Ancient Middle America: A Glossary of Terms and Words Used in the Archaeology and Art History of Pre-Columbian Mexico and Central America REF F1219 .M97 1978
 Hispanic Culture of South America  REF F2237 .H57 1995
 Indians of Central and South America: An Ethnohistorical Dictionary  REF F1434 .O45 1991
Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures: The Civilizations of Mexico and Central America. 3 Volumes REF F1218.6 .O95 2001
 Puerto Rico Past and Present: An Encyclopedia REF F1954 .F47 1998
 Research Guide to Central America and the Caribbean REF F2161 .R37 (1985)
South America, Central America, and the Caribbean REF F1406.5 .S68 2012 (Previous volumes 1986-2000 in Oversize)

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  • Search a data base such as ProQuest to find online issues.
  • Titles followed by Print may be found in the library’s Periodical Section and may also be found online.
  • The library has current issues of some but not all periodicals in the collection.
  • American Indian Quarterly
  • Americas Microfilm: 1(1949)-18(1966)
  • Cuadernos Americanos Print
  • Hispanic American Historical Review. Print, Microcard: 1(1918)-38(1958) and Microfilm: 39(1959)-43(1963)
  • Hispanic American Report for … Microfilm: 3(1949)-16(1964)
  • Hopscotch
  • Journal of Inter-American Studies Continues as Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs with 12(1970)
  • Journal of Latin American Studies
  • Latin America Regional Reports: Andean Group Print
  • Latin America Regional Reports: Brazil Print
  • Latin America Regional Reports: Caribbean & Central America Report Print
  • Latin America Regional Reports: Southern Cone Print
  • Latin American Perspectives
  • Latin American Weekly Report Print
  • Latin American Research Review
  • Latin Finance
  • NACLA Report
  • Nepantla: Views from the South
  • Revista Conservadora del Pensamiento Centroamericano Print
  • Revista de Historia de America Print
  • Revista de Indias Print
  • Revista de Musica Latinoamerica
  • Revista Interamericana de Bibliografia
  • Torre: Revista General de la Universidad de Puerto Rico

Web Resources

E-Journal Directories

E-Journal Directory
A hyperlinked listing of electronic periodicals available for the Caribbean and Latin America. From the Latin American Library at Tulane University.


Environmental History of Latin America
Provides an online bibliography of English, Spanish and Portuguese materials on environmental history in Latin America. These materials include books, articles, videos and web sites. A few items are annotated. Hosted at Stanford, this site is a joint project of environmental historians from Brazil and at Stanford.

Latin Focus
Provides detailed economic and financial information for the major countries of Latin America. Includes economic indicators, briefings and forecasts as well as current economic news and a useful subject specific web directory.

Resources for ancient Mesoamerican cultures, in particular Mayan culture. Includes a listing of relevant anthropological, archaeological and art historical sites. See also the related site on Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations  providing essays and additional web resources.

United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)
 A wealth of information about this UN Commission that aims to promote economic and social development throughout the region. The main page features the newest publications, activities, and news. Links for statistical data and their full text publications (some only available in Spanish). Based in Santiago, Chile. 

History & Archaeology

Information on the Spanish conquistadors and their discoveries. The site designed to accompany the PBS documentary “Conquistadors” has a wealth of texts, images and additional resources relating to this time period. Best viewed with Macromedia flash plug-in.

World History Archives for the Americas
Primary source documents and secondary sources for the Americas broken down by major regions and then by individual country. Many of the documents provided are from the last twenty years.


Dictionaries for Spanish and Portuguese
Basic dictionaries for these two languages, from and to English. The Spanish dictionary has over 20,000 words, whereas the Portuguese has a little more than 5,000 words.

Ethnologue Americas
Information on the languages spoken in the individual countries of the Americas. From the Summer Institute of Linguistics in


Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLAS)
Bibliography of scholarship on Latin American studies published by the Library of Congress. An annual, the handbook alternates coverage of the humanities and the social sciences each year. All volumes since 1935 (including future volumes in draft stage) are on-line and available for searching

Internet Resources for Latin America
A large metasite from the New Mexico State University Library in Las Cruces. Varoius subject categories, including a listing of Spanish language sites with annotations in Spanish. See also the affliated metasite on Latino/US-Mexico Border Resources.

An extensive metasite for Latin America provided by the Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) which is affiliated with the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) at the University of Texas at Austin. Includes the Caribbean, Central and South America. Browse by country or topic and search the site itself. Frequent updates with listing of latest additions with descriptions.


Latin American Plant Gallery
An image collection of Central and South American plants that includes family, Latin name and location. From the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Maps of the Caribbean, Central and South America
A variety of related electronic maps from the map collection of the Perry-Castaneda Library, U Texas (Austin). Includes regional, country specific and historical maps for the region.

Mayan Epigraphic Database Project
The Mayan Epigrahic Database consists of a relational database of glyphs, images, phonetic values, and semantic values according to the consensus among various American Mayanists. Also present is the beginning of an archive of digitally transcribed Mayan texts and additional web resources on Mayan writing and culture. From the University of Virginia. 

Mexico Online
A commercial portal for everything on Mexico. Organized into larger subject categories. See in particular, government and political information, as well as the sites provided for history. Many linked sites are Spanish only.

Pan American Health Organization
Regional Office for the World Health Organization. Offers country health profiles, health indicators and trends, as well as information on current PAHO projects in the region.


BBC News Americas Section
Information on current events and in-depth background reports on recent developments in the Americas. Individual reports include a short listing of related links. Features country profiles for the region.

New York Times Americas Section
The Americas page in the International section of the New York Times. The site includes up to date information from the AP and Reuters. For site searching, free registration is required.


Human Rights Links Latin America & the Caribbean
Documents and information on the situation of human rights in the region from the internet-based human rights organization Derechos. Provides a general information site and links to individual countries. Also available in Spanish.

Organization of American States (OAS)

Homepage of the Organization of American States (OAS) based in Washington, D.C.. Information on this organization, its history (providing documents back to 1889) as well reports on currently sponsored projects. Listing of additional relevant web sites provided.

Political Resources for South America and Central America & the Caribbean
Political information on individual countries in the Caribbean, South and Central America. Links to country government sites as well as local political parties, political organizations and media sources.



Women & Gender Studies – Latin America
The site is a subdirectory of the metasite LANIC. Includes related links for individual countries in the region as well as a few related regional websites.