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Course Planning Guide Tutorial

Let's learn about the Course Planning Guide (CPG) together! In this quick tutorial, you'll check your technology, explore Self-Service, and then share your interests with us so we can build you a better schedule for this fall!
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Step 1: Get Your Technology Ready!

Get your tech all set up before you dig in. Here’s what you need to do.

Use Your Computer

Put your phone away!

You’ll need to switch between open tabs—your best bet is to have them both open side by side! So, we highly recommend you use a computer (not a tablet or phone).

Getting an error message when you try to access the CPG Google Form?
Students often have issues accessing the form if they use a computer where they are logged in to another Gmail account.

Quick tip: Log out of all Google accounts, and then back into your Hartwick account.
Or, try a private ("incognito") window instead!

Step 2: Introducing the Course Planning Guide!

Starting May 1, you can access the CPG through Self-Service!

In this step, you’ll do two things:

A) Get familiar with Self-Service, the College’s course planning software
B) Share your interests with us so we can build you a better schedule

Pop quiz! During the CPG...

(Note: There may be more than one correct answer. Open each item to check!)

No. You won’t be registering yourself for classes!

The Registrar’s Office will take care of this for you. But, please take the time to explore Self-Service and let us know your interests so we can build you a great schedule!

Yes! This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself.

What do you want to major in? Do you want to take art or music classes? Will you be an athlete? Do you need accommodations? This is the time to let us know.

Yes! Self-Service is one of the most important tech tools you’ll use at Hartwick.

And we want you to get comfortable with it before you set foot on campus.

Step 2A: Learn About Self-Service

Once you're logged into Self-Service, click on "Student Planning" and begin ... planning! You can search for courses, load a sample course plan, or just browse through My Progress to see all the great courses you'll be taking during your time at Hartwick

Remember, you won't actually be registering for classes. So you can't do this wrong! Just play around with the tool and explore your options (following the steps in the CPG).

Step 2B: Tell Us About Yourself

Share your interests with us so we can build you a better schedule.


Quick tip: Plan lots of courses you’re interested in. Remember, you're not registering yourself for classes, so you can't get this wrong!

Pop Quiz: What should I use Self-Service to do?

(Open each item to check the answer!)

Correct! You should use Self-Service to plan courses even while you are doing the Course Planning Guide.

It’s a great way to tell us what you are interested in, and get familiar with the tool.

Hold up! You still need to use Self-Service to plan some courses!

The Registrar’s Office will use the courses you plan to understand your interests and build a schedule that’s perfect for you.

Step 3: Submit the Form!

After you’re done planning in Self-Service, be sure to finish your Google Form and click submit!

Be sure to ...

  • List out all your transfer credit
  • List out your interests and course preferences
  • Continue through the form until the very end, then click submit

Need Help?

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Contact the Registrar's Office for help.

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