Personal Trainers

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Upon completion of our Personal Fitness Certification Course, our trainers are certified through the Foundations of Strength & Conditioning at the YMCA – Offered by ACE (The American Council on Exercise). They have specific knowledge and experience to enable a client of any fitness level to set and achieve their personal fitness goals.

Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson ’22
Hometown: Canton, New York

Strengths: Great for beginners strength training. Matt will train you for Endurance and longevity! He loves to focus on core strength!



Nate Benjamin '20

Nate Benjamin ’20
Major: Biology
Hometown: Vestal, New York

Strengths: Great for strength and conditioning and also likes to build muscle mass through power lifting. Great for athletes and those who enjoy HIIT style workouts.

Availability: Nate is available to train in the evenings.


Trevor Brink

Trevor Brink ’22
Hometown: Lyndonville, Vermont

Strengths: Trevor is Campbell’s Form focused and technique freak! Form is everything! He excels with long term consistency when training clients Trevor is a great motivator and is patient and understanding with clients who need a slower paced workout. Lots of Balance and core focus. Good for athletes #therock


Bekkah Dean '22

Bekkah Dean ’22
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Rotterdam, New York

Availability: Bekkah is available for early morning sessions!


Erin Dugrenier '20

Erin Dugrenier ’20
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Melrose, New York

Availability: Join Erin for her famous HIIT classes on Mondays 4 p.m.


McKenna Leary

McKenna Leary ’22
Hometown: Southwick, Massachusetts

Strengths: Great at creating specialized workouts. She is brilliant at Strength Training! She has a great personality and is compatible with all clients. She works best with goal oriented and fast paced clients and can easily adapt to slower paced clients as needed.



Grace Lorino '22

Grace Lorino ’22
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Forestburgh, New York

Availability: Join Grace for her dance workout class Mondays 7 p.m.


Reginald Shed

Reginald Shed ’22
Hometown, Duncanville, Texas

Strengths: Reggie makes the world a better place one client at a time. You will be able to climb that hill, pick up that weight and soar to new strengths when you train with Reginald. He is an excellent motivator, you will not want to miss a session! Plan on rope whips as a staple, as he loves them!


Vandia Williams '22

Vandia Williams ’22
Major: Biology, PT Track  Minor: Public Health
Hometown: Nassau, The Bahamas

Strenghts: Loves circuit Training and believes in muscular strength! She pushes clients hard. There are No excuses allowed with Dia. Her workouts are just like her, direct and to the point! Great for athletes and those seeking more core strength.

Availability: Dia is available for training all evenings after 6 p.m. except Monday and Sunday anytime. 


Haley Wilton

Haley Wilton ’21
Hometown: Goshen, New York

Strengths: Haley believes in core and cardiovascular endurance for all! She has years of dance training which allows her to shine with those seeking flexibility and stretching workouts. Haley appreciates working with those that want for a slower pace and corrective exercise.

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