New Hartwick students with Swoop mascot

Wick Week

August 23-27, 2023

Your journey on the Hill begins with Wick Week – five days of fun, food, new friends, and favorite traditions. This welcome celebration is designed to help you feel at home, right here at Hartwick College.



Don’t forget—New Student Next Steps

New Friends

After a summer of emails and texts, you’ll finally meet your roommate face-to-face on Move-In Day! Decorate your shared space and say hi to your neighbors. But don’t worry about having to lug a microwave or heavy suitcase up the stairs – Helping Hands student volunteers are ready to get you settled in.

Commuting from home this year? We want campus to be your home away from home. Every student activity, every fun event, every special meal and pop-up food event, every Hartwick resource is open to you. You’ll see, starting with Wick Week.

Whether you’re a First-Year or Transfer student, a campus resident or a commuter, Wick Week gives you lots of chances to meet your classmates and make friends. Grab something tasty in the Commons, play games on Frisbee Field, win prizes in activities across campus, or catch a movie. This gorgeous campus is all yours. Make yourself comfortable.

Welcome New Hawks!

Hartwick students welcome new students at The Wall- painted Welcome Hawks!
New Hartwick student checking-in with Director of Campus Safety
New Hartwick student with family and Swoop
Hartwick Helping Hands students with President Reisberg during new student move-move
Hartwick Helping Hands students help new student and family move-in

Here to Help

Heading off to college is a big change. It may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry. There are lots of people here ready to answer your questions or concerns. Your Orientation Mentors and Resident Assistants remember when they were new at Hartwick, too, and want to help you get comfortable.

Your first days on campus will bring connections, including your Success Coach and Faculty Advisor of your individual Guidance Team. You’ll join workshops on getting the most out of life on this vibrant campus. And you’ll get the results of your StrengthsFinder assessment, which will help you launch your personal Flightpath. By the time you and your classmates arrive at the overlook on Founders’ Way, you’ll feel at home on this Hill.

There are so many great and time-honored traditions that come with being part of the Hartwick community. Pick up your class shirt and head to the Lambros Arena for Opening Convocation, your first formal ceremony as a Hartwick student. Then head over to Wright Stadium for your class photo – you might even snag that coveted spot next to our mascot, Swoop!

Introductions, Farewell & Matriculation

Wick Week Groups gathering on Founders' Way
Wick Week Group of New Students
New Hartwick student and family
New Hartwick student embracing family member
Hartwick student signing the College's Matriculation Book with President Reisberg
New Hartwick student signing College's Matriculation Book
New Hartwick student shaking hands with President Reisberg after signing the Matriculation Book


The weekend caps off with opportunities to make your mark in Hartwick’s history. Meet with President Reisberg, sign your name in the College’s cherished Matriculation Book filled with the names of decades of new students, then take an evening candlelit First Walk up Founders’ Way.

Classes begin the next morning, but during Wick Week, your only assignment is to relax, have fun, and begin where you belong!

Times and locations will vary by Orientation Group. You will receive your Orientation Group assignment at Centralized Check-In and your Orientation Mentor will have all the details.

Gathering the Class of 2026

Hartwick Orientation Group Leader
Members of the Class of 2026 gathering for Opening Convocation
Hartwick students of the class of 2026 are welcomed by faculty before Opening Convocation

Opening Convocation

The time-honored ceremony marks the official start of the academic year.

Founders' Way First Walk

Walk in the footsteps of the Founders of Hartwick College. Each class walks the Founders Way, a path through the heart of the Hartwick Campus that was dedicated during True Blue Weekend in 2017.

Hartwick students signing First Walk banner for the end of Wick Week '22
President Reisberg with Class of 2026 during First Walk to end Wick Week '22
President Reisberg with Class of 2026 during First Walk to end Wick Week '22
Members of the Class of 2026 during First Walk to end Wick Week '22

2023 Wick Week Schedule Coming Soon!


Paul Habernig
Executive Director of Campus Vibrancy