Hartwick College Opts For Closed Campus In Summer As COVID-19 Precaution

With its academic year wrapping up at the end of May, Hartwick College announced today that the campus will remain closed to the public through the summer of 2021. The campus has been closed to the public since late summer of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have taken many steps to manage COVID-19 over the past year. Our first priority remains the safety of those who live and work on our campus,” said Paula Lee Hobson, vice president for College Advancement. “At this time, all visitors must continue to receive approval before entering our campus. We look forward to reopening our campus to the public at an appropriate time in the future.”

For more information, please the College’s COVID-19 information and resource webpage or call Campus Safety at (607) 431-4111.

Hartwick College is a nationally ranked, selective, independent college of the arts and sciences located in Oneonta, NY, in the northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Founded in 1797, Hartwick is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States and has a long-standing tradition of adaptation and innovation. The College offers 35 courses of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree and has gained renown for its innovative three-year degree program. Integrating an arts and science-based education with faculty-facilitated experiences – including study abroad, advanced research, and community-based service learning – Hartwick College prepares students to become valuable, fulfilled, and future-ready members of global businesses and society.

Contact:  David Lubell
E-mail:     lubelld@hartwick.edu
Phone:     607-431-4031

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