Cable TV System

Hartwick has its own cable television system which provides a mix of entertainment and educational support programming.

The channels listed below are provided in Hartwick’s basic cable TV service.  Most cable-ready televisions, but not all (inexpensive or older models before 2010), have the digital NTSC ClearQam tuner needed to receive channels via the Campus’ cable TV network.  If you do not receive all the channels in our lineup, then you probably require a digital converter box.  You may purchase a compatible box using the link below.

Converter Box Purchase Details

Basic TV Setup

  • Verify that your TV set has the proper QAM tuner.  Without a QAM tuner, you will not receive all channels.  Please refer to your TV’s owner manual or manufacturer’s website for more details.
  • Connect a coaxial cable from your TV to the coaxial jack in your room.  Be sure the cable is sufficiently tight to make a good connection.  You cannot scan for channels using a VCR/DVD player.  The coaxial cable must be connected to the TV directly.
  • Power on your TV.  Using your TV’s remote, access the menu/setup settings option to verify your TV is set to CATV or CABLE and not AIR before running a channel scan to add our channels to your TV.
  • Some Vizio TVs need the “Auto Channel Add” option turned to OFF before scanning for the digital channels. Please refer to your owner manual or manufacturer’s website for more details.

Questions or concerns about your TV setup or services?

  • Please contact Apogee Customer Support, available 24/7, to troubleshoot.
  • Use the link below, no need to set up an account. Just scroll to the bottom of their web page and click “Get Support” to chat or e-mail to open a ticket.  Or, call toll-free 855-719-5082, or text “MyVideo” to 84700.
  • Be prepared to tell them your name, residence hall, room number and which side of the room, and a telephone number where you may be reached.

Apogee Customer Support

View Hartwick’s channel lineup:

See What’s Playing Now 

Campus Life TV Channel 10.1 on the College TV network has been upgraded.  Faculty, Staff, and students may submit an ad for display by visiting Guidelines for submission are available.  Please contact for assistance.

Enjoy your viewing!