“Make People Feel Special” Social Media Alum Tells Students

Anna Bissonette '21 knows that her job as a social media manager is more than just getting people to buy products.

It’s about making a customer’s day feel special.

“Working in social media, I hear so many personal stories,” she said. “When I was at the cosmetics company Bubble, a mom reached out to us saying that her daughter was having heart surgery and wanted one of our promotional stuffed animals. We were sold out, but the staff managed to find one and send it to her, with a note signed by everyone on staff. I would have never been able to do this if I didn’t have this job.”

Bissonette, now a content administrator with the cosmetics company Winky Lux, returned to campus to discuss her digital marketing and social media career.

As a psychology major, Bissonette was always fascinated by social media, using her status as a micro-influencer to work with companies and promote their products.

Though she said she “applied to a thousand jobs,” it wasn’t until she connected with an employee at Bubble who helped her get an internship as a junior social media coordinator.

“Social media marketing is very competitive, but you have to be resilient and take those chances, make those connections,” Bissonette said. “I reached out to her on LinkedIn.”

Her time at Bubble then springboarded her into her career at Winky Lux.

Hartwick College alumna Anna Bissonette '21 speaking

“You have to be bold. If I saw a job, I would reach out to every single person working in their social media to try and get my foot in the door.”

Anna Bissonette '21; Psychology Major

Content Administrator, Winky Lux

Bissonette also advised students to use their own social media presence to get their name “out there.”

“If you already love the product, ask the company for rights to use their content,” she advised. “As a creator, when I was doing micro-influencing, I always thought it was so cool when a company asked to use my video.”

Another tip from Bissonette: volunteering for a local company, not-for-profit or campaign is also a good way to practice skills.

And she plans to pay forward the kindness – and connections – that others showed her when she was starting out.

“My company is thinking about hiring interns in the summer,” Bissonette told students during the lunch Q&A. “If any one of you reaches out to me, I will advocate hard for you.”

March 20, 2024
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