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Major Overview

The new interdisciplinary major in Environment, Sustainability and Society (ENSS) draws on the humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences. An Environment, Sustainability and Society major provides an interdisciplinary framework for studying some of the most compelling struggles of our time. Such a major would take advantage of Hartwick’s pre-existing liberal arts structure, while allowing for the study of the real-world issues shaping modern sustainable practices. This new major is well positioned to meld the liberal arts and experiential learning to educate students to become conscientious citizens in a new era of sustainable awareness. With an Environment, Sustainability and Society major, Hartwick will be working to fulfill its promise as “a future-directed college, focusing on educating people in ways that will make them effective and contributing citizens to the world of their future.”

Why major in Environment, Sustainability and Society?

By completing a degree in Environment, Sustainability and Society, students will gain a competitive foothold on an expanding job market in “green careers.” Our graduates would benefit from our strong liberal arts education and a degree in Environment, Sustainability and Society would allow them to gain a competitive foothold within an exciting and expanding job market. In recent years the need for employees with degrees in environmental areas and sustainability has been increasing.

As we become increasingly aware of the complex web of interconnections between humans and our natural environment, it is clear that our modern way of life, which requires that we deplete natural resources at a rate faster than they can be replenished, is not sustainable. Rather than continuing in our current direction, a fundamental shift in our thinking is required. In short, we need to learn to live better in our world.

Environment, Sustainability and Society Requirements

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