Hartwick College students during club fair on Frisbee Field

Welcome to Hartwick Digital Marketing


You’re passionate about social media. You want to share the stories of people, companies and brands. You want to get into a rapidly-growing field and show employers that you’re ready to bring their organization to the next level in the digital landscape.

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Here’s why our digital marketing program stands out:

  • Learn from experienced marketing professionals who are actively shaping the digital landscape at Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and political campaigns.
  • Put your social media savvy to the test and gain valuable experience for your resume through hands-on opportunities and real-world work placements with established and growing companies.
  • Sharpen your skills with electives in marketing ethics and law, business writing and graphic design.
  • Experience flexible learning that integrates online or virtual coursework with face-to-face interaction.

Growth Opportunities

With a projected growth of 6 percent over the next 10 years (Bureau of Labor Statistics) there are plenty of companies who want their brand stories told!

“Make People Feel Special” Social Media Alum Tells Students

Bissonette '21 offered this tip: volunteering for a local company, not-for-profit or campaign is also a good way to practice skills.


  • Develop the empathy and sensitivity to market your brand through ever-evolving social issues.
  • Build on foundations in analytics to understand how to target your audience, then bring them in with your skills in Viral and Organic growth.
  • Electives in marketing ethics and law, business writing and graphic design take your posts to the next level.
  • Put together a portfolio of successful marketing campaigns and show it off at Student Showcase.


Pauline Stamp

Division Chair of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Associate Professor of Business Administration and Accounting Department

Aaron R. Stephens

Associate Professor of Business and Finance and Department Chair