Phone FAQs

Q: Is there a guide to international dialing?
A: For timezone and international codes, visit  After you dial 011+the international number, you will be prompted to enter a code by an automated recording and a long tone.  The permission code you will need to enter is 13820.

Q: How do I obtain a College-issued cell phone?
A: Contact your Vice President about requesting a College-issued cell phone.

Q: How do I do remote conference calling?
A: Contact to request a conference bridge (for phone participation in a meeting with basically unlimited number of off-campus participants).

Q: What do I do if there is no dial tone?
A: Verify that the Ethernet cable is plugged securely into the orange jack in the wall. Verify that the Ethernet cables are plugged securely in the correct connections under the phone. Contact

Q: I’m moving my office, how do I arrange to move my phone/fax lines?
A: Complete the online Office Move Request Form.

Q: Can deleted messages be recovered?
A: Deleted voice mail messages cannot be recovered.

Q: How do I file a “Junk Fax” complaint?
A: You may file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission, search for “fax”, “junk fax”.

More Questions

Contact Telecom: 607-431-4985 or