CIC Consortium FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Online Course Sharing Consortium

Q: What are our reasons for being a member of the CIC Consortium?
A: The CIC Consortium supports students who need perhaps one or two courses to progress towards graduation in a timely manner. Hartwick College students may, after first consulting with their faculty or staff advisor, choose to take courses in the CIC Consortium for more discretionary purposes (see the “CIC Consortium Scenarios” page for examples).
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Q: What is the cost of a CIC Consortium course?
A: CIC Consortium course rates can be found at For more information, visit this CIC Consortium website and request a log-in. Should a CIC Consortium course cost exceed the Summer Online per-credit rate, Hartwick College faculty and student will be asked to explore another course.

In situations where students will pay Hartwick College to take courses via the CIC Consortium, the per-credit rate they are charged will be either the same as Hartwick College’s Summer Online per-credit rate, or the actual rate on the CIC Consortium website, whichever is greater.
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Q: How do we identify a course we would like a Hartwick student to take?
A: Faculty and staff advisors, with their advisees, should review the available courses on the CIC Consortium website. Once the faculty or staff advisor identifies an equivalent course from among CIC Consortium offerings, the faculty or staff advisor can request that the Registrar’s office, mark the course as “Approved” on the CIC website.
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Q: How do we register a student for a CIC Consortium course?
A: The student’s faculty or staff advisor should review the workflow found on this webpage, and the faculty or staff advisor may contact the Registrar’s Office to request enrollment.
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Q: What information is provided once a student is registered for a CIC Consortium course?
A: Once registered, the student will receive email from the Teaching Institution offering the course that provides information on the course, institutional policies and more.

Q: What if a student withdraws from a CIC Consortium course?
A: Students will receive refunds in accordance with the Teaching Institution’s policies on withdrawals.

Q: What if a student has an accommodation plan or other special need?
A: All CIC Consortium courses are governed by the policies and procedures in place at the Teaching Institution that is offering the course.

A: How does the course appear on the student’s Hartwick College transcript?
Q: A week or so after the final grade is received from the Teaching Institution, the course will appear with the approved equivalent Hartwick course number and title.