You know you want to be a nurse and we know how to get you there. From first-year clinicals to simulated learning labs to alumni mentors, we’ll work together to make sure you’re ready.

Study nursing at Hartwick College, and you’ll be part of an innovative and historic program that’s been  training nurses since World War II. You’ll develop crucial and marketable skills in future-focused labs, start building your competency in clinicals your first year, and be ready to enter this critical and in-demand field.


SAT/ACT test scores are optional, but highly recommended for those applying to the nursing program.

The baccalaureate degree in nursing at Hartwick College is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001,

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$140,000, payable over four years, toward the tuition of all incoming nursing students!


Hartwick College nursing graduates following pinning ceremony 2023

A Hartwick nursing degree will prepare you well for whatever specialization you choose — pediatrics, oncology, family practice, surgical, geriatrics, psychiatric nursing, and so many more. You’ll be in the classroom with dedicated faculty, many of whom are also practicing nurses. And you’ll develop both competence and confidence in our simulated nursing labs from the start — taking vitals, practicing telemedicine, and gaining invaluable hands-on experience that will ensure you’re ready to care for patients.

With Hartwick’s FlightPath, you’ll have dedicated partners at your side, from your Faculty Advisor and personal Success Coach to your close-knit group of classmates. Hartwick students take care of one another; this is especially true for our nurses as they tackle this challenging program together.

Your learning will extend into 21st Century skill development with courses that build your Education for Tomorrow. Mini-courses such as Medical Anthropology or Success Strategies designed specifically for Nursing students will add another layer to your career preparation. So will our Sophomore Success Summit and Career HOP special programs. By junior year you’ll be working with a Career Coach and an Alumni Mentor, both of whom will offer practical insights and expertise to your journey.

Meg Brockett ’22 is a nursing student at Hartwick. Hartwick ranked #19 in Best Accelerated Nursing Programs in New York Best Value Schools.


In Hartwick’s Clark Nursing Simulation Lab, you’ll be called on to rush to the aid of “Mr. Shapiro,” a mannequin programmed to simulate a variety of cardiac symptoms. He and other lifelike patients are part of your Hartwick head-start on the 834 clinical hours of practice you’ll need to complete your practical education. You’ll have opportunities for professional development, including the annual O’Connor Chair Lecture, featuring talks from top leaders in Nursing and related fields.

Hartwick’s distinctive January Term courses will give you other extraordinary opportunities to develop your insights and skills, whether you’re traveling abroad for our Transcultural Nursing course or diving into our Rural Nursing course closer to campus.

Your final semester will be time for your Independent Practicum, giving you the chance to focus on the care you’re passionate about giving, whether it’s in pediatrics, ICU, psychiatric nursing, or geriatrics. You’ll do hands on care with a nurse preceptor, getting further hands-on training and insights, and maybe even get a job offer! With a NCLEX certification and impressive digital resumes, Hartwick nurses really stand out.


From the start of your time at Hartwick, you will participate in simulations – acting both as the nurse and the patient – to test your skills and help you gain confidence in working with diverse populations. You’ll gain experience in a variety of healthcare settings, and arrive at your Nurses Pinning ceremony with the experience and enthusiasm you need to launch your successful career.

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Where Will a Hartwick Nursing Degree Take You?

Psychiatric Nursing

Like Carly Ramos ’12, MSN, RN, PMHNP-BC, a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner at South Shore Psychiatric Services and Life Changes Group in Boston.  

A team leader who also practices psychopharmacology, Carly was president of Hartwick’s Association of Student Nurses, a teaching assistant, and Team Leader of the college’s Unified Nurses Instructional Team.

Nursing Leadership

Like Rebekah Robitaille ’17, an RN and senior staff nurse at NYU Langone Health Center. At Hartwick, her clinical hours were spent in both rural and urban hospitals, preparing her well to work with diverse populations and a variety of disciplines, including end of life care, addiction recovery, and treatment of COVID-19.

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Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program

Ready to move faster? Get the full Hartwick nursing experience in three-quarters the time at three-quarters the cost.


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